Kiffin Commentary; week four


In this installment following the first days of new Volunteer head coach Lane Kiffin, there is plenty of excitement, more commitments… and of course a few more jabs at Ol’ Stevie Carolina.

On the heels of naming Tampa Bay D-Coordinator Monte Kiffin to the same post at UT, many expected that some of the country’s defensive talent would start lining up to play for him.  Few of us thought that would start happening before Pops Kiffin moved to Knoxville.  Well, it has.  Sarasota D-Tacke Arthur Jeffery has committed to UT over South Florida.

It was between USF and Tennessee, but when I heard that Kiffin was going to run the defense it flipped them ahead,” Jeffery told media representatives when announcing his choice. The decision is non-binding, but Jeffery says UT is who he will sign with on Feb. 4.  “It’s solid as a rock… Coach Kiffin was the key for me. There is something he brings to the table that makes his players play better and I want to find out what it is.”

Kiffin wasted little time taking another inside jab at the ol’ ball coach, bringing up (what seemed to me to be unprovoked) Spurrier’s comment on the recruitment test… again… before the UT Hoops game Saturday.  Kiffin mentioned that he’d scored a 39/40 and wondered aloud what Coach Spurrier had scored himself.  Spurrier took the bait yesterday.

“I have always passed it,” the South Carolina coach said Sunday. “I know he’s smarter than me. There’s no question about that. I barely graduated from college. I know I’m not the smartest guy out there. No big deal.”

This is going to get fun!

In that same discussion, he made a few comments regarding returning players that sound on one hand, quite genuine, and on the other, like a national recruiting broadcast for ’09 seniors.

 “We don’t have a depth chart. We don’t know anything about these guys is the way we’re going into it. We’re watching film to evaluate just to understand their athletic ability but not to evaluate them on what they were doing in the scheme. This spring is going to be huge for these guys. They’re going to get a great evaluation period through spring ball and the spring scrimmage. And then after that in the fall we’ve got to push these incoming guys, these great freshmen, right to the front and see who can stay up there and be championship players for us.”

This week in Kiffin Cover 2 watch.  Still not good.  41 points, 370 yards, River was 31-41.  Let’s hope that’s due to his impending departure and not a sign of his impending coaching ability.

Til next week.  Happy Volidays! (boo)

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