The Case for DeAndre Liggins: Indiana Edition


dligAs we said back after the Miami game UK’s point guard play has been a source of debate and we’ll be keeping up with how the two primary point men for UK (Liggins and Michael Porter) do in each game.  Enough with the intro, on to the stats.

Performance of the team through each game segment:

20:00 (1st) Porter start. 0-0
13:11 (1st) Liggins in, Porter out.  17-2
8:25 (1st) Porter in, Liggins out.  29-6
3:29 (1st) Liggins in, Meeks out.  34-13
Half 36-13

20:00 (2nd) Porter start.  36-13
19:31 (2nd) Liggins in, Porter out.  38-13
16:11 (2nd) Galloway in, Liggins out. 40-21
15:24 (2nd) Porter in, Galloway out.  40-21
11:51 (2nd) Liggins in, Porter out.  41-26
1:52 (2nd) Galloway in, Liggins out.  63-42
1:17 (2nd) liggins in, Galloway out.  65-48
END 72-54

The players’ contribution for the entire game in +/- differential while they were playing point.

Porter +11
Liggins +9
Both +2
Neither -4

Another close game goes to Michael Porter on the point differential, but not by much.  Again, lack of competition makes the stats for this game a bit worthless but we do believe Porter played a good, solid game at the point in this one.  Not spectactular, but competent.  You know, more Mike Hartline than Randall Cobb. 

Liggins on the other hand did contribute and pushed the tempo a bit as usual, just a little too carelessly at times.  10 points in the game for DeAndre are offset greatly by his six turnovers.  The two players’ box score lines for the game are below.

Porter 0 points, 4 assists, 2 turnovers, 2 steals, 1 rebound
Liggins 10 points, 3 assists, 6 turnovers, 0 steals, 2 rebounds

Pretty ugly for Liggins on the 6 turnovers and 2-6 from the field isn’t stellar.  What we do like is 6-6 from the free throw stripe and the fact that he got to the line more than anyone on the team (Patterson also had 6 attempts on the game).  If I think of what I want out of a point guard it is 1) run the team, 2) value the ball, 3) initiate the offense, and 4) shoot the ball well.  Right now Porter is doing a good job of #2 but not much else.  The team doesn’t look particularly inspired while he’s in the game, he doesn’t start anything as a threat on offense, and contrary to the traditional thoughts of UK fans, every white boy can’t shoot as Porter will show you. 

Liggins on the other hand does a good job of #1 and #3.  He shoots decently but not enough to be a real threat.  Very similar to Porter.  He does seem to instill some confidence in the team to score the ball and run when he’s in the game.  He also will initate the offense, as seen by his 6 free throw attempts.  Liggins does a good job of getting the ball in the lane and making shots, passes, and drawing fouls. 

Again, we’re not the coach here.  Billy seems to be doing a good job of running this team and they seem to be pulling some things together.  Just need 40 minutes of play (primarily defense) like the start of the IU game to be the norm instead of doing so for just a few minutes.  Turning the ball over less than 5 times per game out of the point guard spot would go a long way toward this season’s success as well.  Hopefully Liggins and Porter will combine for that before conference play starts.

One Response to “The Case for DeAndre Liggins: Indiana Edition”

  1. smoothron Says:

    I would argue Hartline is not competent, and nowhere near spectacular.

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