Kiffin Commentary; week two


Now that the whirlwind weekend of Volunteer Football coaching change is nearing 2 weeks behind us, let’s take a look at what the players, recruits, and coaches are saying about new head man Lane Kiffin.  Shall we?


First, the university’s website already has him hawking season tickets.  Spare no false step, eh?  Fine by me.  I guess that’s the kind of predicament you get into when your students boycott your bullshit season ticket charge and your fans start selling tickets to Bammers.

He’s already pissing off Steve Spurrier.  Somewhat due to the hiring of Kiffin’s brother-in-law David Reaves and the re-recruiting of Jarvis Giles (more on that later) to UT.  I love it.

“Evidently Spurrier doesn’t think Kiffin is too bright. Kiffin confirmed he had passed the test days before in his introductory press conference. But this wasn’t about the test. This was about Kiffin stealing South Carolina’s recruiting coordinator David Reaves, and subsequently gaining an advantage over two prospects that UT and South Carolina are both recruiting — tailback Jarvis Giles and safety D.J. Swearinger.”

Current UT linebacker Nick Reviez: “When Coach Kiffin started talking, we started getting more comfortable with what he was saying and what he was trying to tell us.  I think that made everyone real comfortable because everyone’s got the same goals, and that’s winning championships.”

More commentary after the jump. 

Current UT center Josh McNeill: “A lot of guys on offense are coming back. We have a lot of talent on defense coming back. There’s a lot of reasons to be optimistic.”

Current UT whatever-he-wants-to-be Gerald Jones: We’re warriors. No matter what’s going on in our lives, no matter how hard times get as far as football, we know things could be worse. We work hard no matter what situation or predicament that we’re in.”

#2 overall running back recruit Jarvis Giles: “He said he was watching me on film.  He was telling me about what he thought I could do in his pro-style offense.”

The rest of the story on Giles’ recruiting, from Dave Hooker: “I’m also told that Gamecocks coaches, including Spurrier, aren’t too happy about Reaves recruiting South Carolina prospects to UT, including those who have been placed at Hargrave Military Academy after signing with South Carolina in February.”

#1 overall running back recruit David Oku:  …wavered on his commitment after Fulmer’s dismissal, but he told on Sunday that he was thrilled with Kiffin’s hiring and planned to stay committed to the Vols.

Linebacker recruit D.T. Shackelford: “I want to know who is coaching me.”  (We can only assume this means, announce a D-Coordinator.

Potential future DC Kiffin the Senior didn’t have such a good night last night.  To the tune of 301 yards rushing given up and 5 TDs.  Ouch.  Maybe he’s saving the good stuff for once he gets to Knoxville…


2 Responses to “Kiffin Commentary; week two”

  1. smoothron Says:

    Coach, seriously… you cannot jerk anymore knots in players’ butts anymore! You’re not their priest!

  2. somsak Says:

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