The Case for DeAndre Liggins: Mississippi Valley State Edition


dligOn Sunday night Billy Gillispie put Michael Porter on the Rupp Arena floor to start the game (as well as Kevin Galloway but we won’t go in to that).  As we said yesterday in our first edition of “The case for DeAndre Liggins”, we will continue to update both point guards’ point differential while on the floor.  The MVS game makes things a bit hard to look at as both players were in the game together for most of the game and the poorer competition doesn’t really give us a good measuring stick of how good the players actually are.  With that being said, we’ll move on to the numbers. 

Here are the box score stats by time.

20:00 (1st) Porter start. 0-0
15:01 (1st) Liggins in, Meeks out.  13-7
12:38 (1st) Meeks in, Liggins out.  16-11
11:43 (1st) Liggins in, Meeks out.  16-13
10:38 (1st) Miller in, Porter out.  18-15
8:30 (1st) Porter in, Liggins out.  22-15
6:16 (1st) Liggins in, Meeks out.  25-21
HALF 39-31

20:00 (2nd) Porter start.  39-31
18:22 (2nd) Liggins in, Meeks out. 42-33
11:16 (2nd) Meeks in, Liggins out. 64-44
8:10 (2nd) Liggins in, Miller out. 71-49
7:14 (2nd) Krebs in, Liggins out. 73-49
3:58 (2nd) Meeks in, Porter out. 78-51
END 88-65

Here are the players’ differentials for the entire game.

Porter +7
Both +17
Liggins +3
Neither -4

So what do we draw from this?  The Miami game had Liggins with a +17 differential while on the court in a losing cause.  Today Porter had a +4 differential on Liggins in a game UK won big.   Against poorer competition and in a game won by 23 points I don’t think the +4 difference for Porter is very important and I would call this game a wash for the two players based upon the point differential for the team while they were running the point.

If we take a peek at the box score we’ll see Porter played 34 minutes with 3 points (1-5 from three), 3 assists, 2 boards, and 5 turnovers.  Liggins played only 20 minutes today but had 10 points and 5 assists to go along with his single rebound and 3 turnovers of his own.  Porter’s turnovers per minute played was just slightly over Liggins (less than 2 tenths of a point separate them) but the assist to turnover ratio is what really stands out.  Porter turned the ball over 5 times even though he clearly is not creating scoring opportunities for his teammates (only 3 assists in 30+ minutes played at the point guard position is not very solid).  Liggins on the other hand tends to make his mistakes while trying to initiate offense for himself or more often his teammates. 

Overall, we still saw a better total game tonight from Liggins than we did Porter.  Gillispie seemed to give the fans a big eff you by playing Porter 34 minutes, but some times that’s what a coach has to do.  This here column will be taking a little hiatus for the week as UK won’t play until next Saturday, but if Michael Porter starts that day you can look forward to another edition on Sunday morning.

4 Responses to “The Case for DeAndre Liggins: Mississippi Valley State Edition”

  1. smoothron Says:

    I’m glad the Cats have the week off so that the guys can get some good studying in during ‘Dead Week.’

    Or something like that.

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    I bet the case for Kenny Walker is filled with Mad Dog.

  3. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Or dead midget hookers.

  4. Ismajlov Says:

    спасибо за статью… добавил в ридер

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