College Football Regular Season Recap


Back by popular demand, and also because I have some free time this afternoon, it’s a final weekend update…looking back at the regular season of college football. As I write this, the final BCS standing have yet to come out, but there’s no reason to think we shouldn’t have a Florida-Oklahoma matchup to look forward to. Texas and USC have legitimate gripes about being left out, but as we all know, the system is far from perfect, and we’re going to have to live with it. But all in all, this was a fantastic season of football. Here’s a look at what stands out…

Oklahoma’s offense is umm….kind of good

I say that in the same sense that Erin Andrews is kind of hot. The Sooners have been ridiculous this season, scoring 702 points and putting up 60 in five straight games. Watching them play, there’s really no good way to defend them. If you stack the box to stop Chris Brown and DeMarco Murray, QB Sam Bradford and his receivers will pick you apart downfield. If you drop back, the running game and short passes to tight end Jermaine Gresham will kill you. And just when you think it can’t get any worse, there’s Coach Bob Stoop dialing up a long pass play with 4 minutes left in the Big 12 Championship Game and holding a 55-21 lead. I firmly believe this team would hang at least 30 on the Chiefs, Lions or Bengals…easy.

QB Sam Bradford directed the Sooners offense, which scored a few points this season.

QB Sam Bradford directed the Sooners offense, which scored a few points this season.

Jimmy Clausen has work to do

The golden-boy QB predicted multiple national championships upon signing with the Irish. Well, he’s come close, if by multiple national championships he actually meant losses to Navy, Syracuse, Air Force and North Carolina, as well as consecutive blowouts at the hands of USC. Note that I didn’t say that USC was a rival, because as Chris Fowler pointed out, the hammer and the nail don’t have a rivalry. But back to our wonder-kid, who has put himself in the Heisman conversation (as in “who will NOT win a Heisman”) by compiling 27 touchdowns and only 23 interceptions. On top of that, most of the interceptions were Ty Willingham’s fault, and shouldn’t go against Clausen. The record books are being cleared as we speak to make room for this kid. Move over Ty Detmer and Danny Wuerffel – there’s a new sheriff in town. At this rate, he will easily go down as one of the top 3 Clausen brothers to play college football.

Jimmy Clausen's claim of multiple national championships is not looking so great...

Jimmy Clausen's claim of multiple national championships is not looking so great...

More Irish hating…just because I can

in 2007, Notre Dame lost to USC 38-0. In 2008, they lost to USC 38-3. Clearly, Charlie Weis has this team headed in the right direction. Look for Notre Dame to finally knock off the mighty Trojans 39-38 in 2020. Ok-I’m sorry. That was mean. In all fairness, he’s only been there four years and he hasn’t really has a chance to get his system and players in place. What’s that you say? It’s Urban Meyer’s fourth year at Florida and they’re in position for his second national championship?  Well…umm…he didn’t have to clean up after Willingham, who was the worst coach, and man, ever in the history of people. Huh? Nick Saban??  What does he have to do with anything?  Oh right – big deal. So he also inherited a proud program that had fallen on down times because of poor recruiting, and in only two years had them in the national championship picture – who cares? He doesn’t have to play Navy every year – of course he can pile up victories!!  Next year is our year – look at our recruiting class. You’ll be back on the Irish bandwagon next year after the 38-6 loss to USC.

* In related news, Charlie Weis has just signed a 12-year, $472 billion extension. The future is indeed bright in South Bend.

The SEC…not quite what we thought

You don’t know how much it pains me to write that. Yes, Florida will be playing for the national championship, and Alabama is headed to a BCS bowl, but the league lacked the top-to-bottom strength it normally offers. Georgia, a popular preseason#1, was abysmal on defense. Bad losses to Alabama and Florida were one thing, but giving up like 800 yards rushing at home to Georgia Tech? Wow. Plus, am I the only one not in love with Matthew Stafford? Look, just because a kid is big and has a good arm doesn’t mean he’s a great QB (ahem.. Ryan Leaf). In the 49-10 loss to Florida, announcer Gary Danielson was tripping all over himself to pat Stafford on the back. A blind man listening to the game may have thought Stafford was re-writing the record books with the praise he got. By the way, he threw for 265 yards, 0 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in that game. I hate to say over-rated but…

And don’t get me started on Tennessee and Auburn. Thanks for showing up to play this year guys. You really helped the league look good. Ditto to South Carolina, who proved that they can always lose to Clemson, no matter how much the Tigers choke during the year. Vandy and UK…well they’re Vandy and UK. Ole Miss actually looked like a solid team by the end of the year, but they’re hardly a national power. Arkansas..well let’s just say Darren McFadden isn’t walking through that door. LSU – wow. How does a school like LSU not have a better QB situation? I realize Ryan Perriloux was projected to start before he got kicked off, but with a risk like Perriloux, shouldn’t you at least have a decent back-up plan in place?  Jarret Lee is clearly not the answer, unless the question was “who sucks?” And no word on whether Mississippi State actually fielded a team this year. So, as the biggest SEC homer ever, I’m officially conceding the title of “The Best Conference” to the Big 12 this year. A very sad day for me.

There wasn't much celebrating for Auburn this year, which stumbled badly, leading to Tommy Tuberville's resignation.

There wasn't much celebrating for Auburn this year, which stumbled badly, leading to Tommy Tuberville's resignation.

ACC football...

ACC football...


Only kidding – I’m not writing a review of the ACC – give me a break. As far as I know, every team in the league went 8-4 or something like that. I think Virginia Tech won the title game. Or maybe Boston College. Or maybe Florida State. or maybe Miami, or North Carolina State, or Maryland. Wait – is South Florida in the ACC? What conference is East Carolina in? Well regardless, somebody did win it – I know that. And they were definitely from the East Coast – that much I know. Oh yeah, and it wasn’t Duke.

Heisman Trophy is up for grabs

One week from the ceremony, I don’t know that there’s a clear-cut favorite for the trophy. OU’s Sam Bradford, Florida’s Tim Tebow, Texas’ Colt McCoy and Texas Tech’s Graham Harrell are all worthy candidates. Bradford and Harrell have the most impressive stats, but McCoy and Tebow have shown the intagibles in leading their teams. Tebow’s speech after the Ole Miss loss proved to be prophetic, as he pushed the Gators harder than ever, and then willed them to victory over Bama without sidekick Percy Harvin. McCoy put the Longhorns on his back during what may be the toughest 4-week stretch ever in college football, and he’s the unquestioned leader of one of the nation’s best teams. Harrell’s star lost some shine after the blowout loss to Oklahoma, but he’s still put up the usually ridiculous Red Raider numbers, and turned Tech from a novelty into a legit title contender for most of the season. Bradford has thrown for about 50,000 yards and 200 touchdowns this year (numbers slightly exaggerated but not by much), and he’s captained the best offense in the history of college football. So who wins? At this point, I’d say Bradford edges out Tebow, but I really think a case can be made for any of the four.

One of the best QB's and leaders in the country, McCoy might only be second-best in his own conference

One of the best QB's and leaders in the country, McCoy might only be second-best in his own conference


Yes, it’s been talked about all season, and I hate it as much as anyone. But its still worth it to point out the faults. Texas, a team that went 11-1 with that one loss coming on a last-second play on the road against the #7 team in the country…is getting the same shot at a national title as Virginia Tech, who went 9-4 and lost to East Carolina (thats to say they’re not getting one). Cincinnati, who played one real team all year (and lost by 26 to Oklahoma), is going to a BCS bowl while Texas Tech, who suffered only 1 loss (albeit a bad one) and owns wins over Texas, Nebraska and Oklahoma State, is not. USC suffered only one loss, on the road to a solid Oregon State team, while Florida lost at home to a decent Ole Miss team and yet the Gators are ranked higher. Penn State lost on the road on a last-second field goal and they were eliminated from title contention, while Oklahoma lost by 10 on neutral field and never fell far in the rankings. Please please please can we get a playoff????  As it stands now, it is all subjective, with a multitude of one-loss teams. Is Florida better than USC? Is Texas better than Penn State?  Is Alabama better than Oklahoma? We all have opinions on this, but the sad thing is we’ll never know for sure. In a season like this, where there are 4-5 teams with legitimate arguments about playing for a national title, the BCS is even more of a joke than usual. Say Florida beats Oklahoma in a close game, while Texas and USC blowout their opponents in the bowls. How can you say a one-loss Florida is better than a one-loss USC or Texas with any certainty?  I think college football season is one of the greatest times of the year, but I just hate that the season always ends with so much uncertainty. The best idea I’ve heard for a playoff involves taking the top 8 teams in the BCS, regardless of conference, and holding the first round of playoffs the week after the conference championship games. To battle the argument that the season goes too long, we’d scale back the regular season to 11 games instead of 12. So now, we’re back to the weekend after the conference championships, and we have 4 teams still alive for a title. The four losing teams in that playoff would then be eligible for other bowls – therefore allowing them to get another game’s worth of revenue. The four winning teams would then playoff in the same schedule we have now…the semifinals on Jan. 1 and the title game on Jan. 8. The semis and championship game would rotate around the 4 major bowls, while the other major bowls would have first shot at selecting the teams from the first round of the playoffs – therefore still securing exciting matchups. And to those who say that the regular season already is a playoff, then why aren’t Utah and Boise State playing for the national title?

The whole system is a joke right now, and all I can hope is I end up in charge one day so I can fix this. There’s a thought huh??

Like I would right a college football post and not put a picture of Tim Tebow on it

Like I would write a college football post and not put a picture of Tim Tebow on it

That’s it for now. I can certainly do a lot more, but we’ll have some downtime the next couple of weeks with no games, so I have to save some material. But it feels good to be back on here after my 3-month hiatus. Until next time, Go Gators!

4 Responses to “College Football Regular Season Recap”

  1. smoothron Says:

    I lost some shine as well. And by lost, I mean drank.

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Hey Notre Dame fan, remember when you called me to rub in the loss of the recruiting “battle” for Jimmy C and I thanked you?

    Yeah. I do.

  3. Gage Says:

    Couldn’t we just dissolve the ND football program and use Charlie Weis’ contract to bail out the economy?

  4. cp22bru Says:

    Jimmy Clausen came as close to the national championship and Heisman trophy this year as Mike Hartline…enough said
    By the way…was anyone else surprised to see Notre Dame snubbed by the BCS this year? I thought they were a lock if they got to 5 wins…can somebody explain this to me??

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