SPS Week 14, It All Ends, and UK/UT Sports Updates


sps_2008Sorry for the slight delay on the SPS this week folks.  We had folks strewn about the Southeast this weekend and didn’t get things rolling prior to Turkey Day.  Below, you won’t find any football helmets, but you’ll at least get the SPS in all its text happy glory.  Also, I’ll try to total things up as well. 

UK/UT sports were important this weekend because the two teams collided on the gridiron, and it wasn’t pretty.  Tennessee owned the whole game against the Cats from the commonwealth.   Phil Fulmer Day, Senior Day, and a UK team that has been completely sliding backwards the entire year combined for a beat down at the hands of the Big Orange for the 24th straight time.  I didn’t get to see a lot of the game and TGC will surely have more to say about this emotional day in UT sports, so I’ll let it go at that.

On the hardwood the Vols have put together an impressive run this week holding off a good Sienna team and beating Georgetown (both by double digits).  They take on the #10 Zags tonight and will look to run their record to 6-0.  Tyler Smith has been leading the way with Cam Tatum, J.P. Prince, and big Wayne stepping up and putting double digits points up so far.  Bobby Maze and Scotty Hop have been providing a good balance at the guard position and Maze is averaging over 6 assists a game for the Vols.

The basketball Cats had themselves a fine weekend.  In another UK event that I was unable to watch (no ESPNU at the Louisville locale I was tucked away in for the weekend) the Cats held of the Wildcats of K. State on Friday night to secure a berth in the championship of the Random Tournamnet in Las Vegas.  Kentucky held a large advantage throughout periods of the game but K. State made it close in the end.  In the championship Kentucky came out flatter than their football team in the first half.  The seocond half was all UK though and they took the tournament with an 11 point win at the hands of West Viriginia.  Jodie Meeks was named MVP of the tournament after pouring in 37 on Friday and 19 on Saturady (12 of 12 at the free throw line).  Pat Pat player well enough over the weekend when given the ball and Harellson played fairly well in reserve as well.  Porter saw his playing time limited on Saturday as Liggins played most of the game, after he refused to play on Friday.  I still am not sure we’ve got the whole story of that event, but in any case it’s good to see the kid get out there and play pretty well.

Well, that’s it for the sports round up, on to the SPS.


For the week I have Matt Jones and Sir Richard leading the way with 8 each and SmoothRon, Holly, and Spanklin drawing up the rear with 4 each.  Here’s the list.

Holly 4
ExtraP 5
PB 7
MJ 8
Burnsy 5
Spank 4
Sir R 8

eDay 6
2SL 5
Smooth 4
BW 6
Bru 5
TheW 5


That brings the season totals to…Homers 583, Awayers 531.  And the championship of the singles division…

eDay  94
BW 92
MJ 89
2SL 88
Holly 84
Burnsy 82
TheW 80
Smooth 78
TGC 77
Bru 74
EP 73
Spank 70
Sir R 69
PB  64


Thanks to everyone for playing and all the great comments throughout the year (sorry for the times when we didn’t get them in).  We promise to do things better next year, somehow, but again thanks for playing, picking, being funny and joining in.  Until next year, go fuck yourselves!

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  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Did I win?

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