Si Vault Brings You The Proud Kentucky


gooooseAs much as I’ve been trying to come to the defense of the Kentucky basketball team and head coach Billy Clyde in the last week or so I’ve also been pretty low on morale like all the other blue clad fans in the state.  Everyone has read their fair share of “Billy has to bench Porter”, “Billy has to be more spirited”, “We’ve got to get the ball to Patterson”, and “Carter would have dominated if given the chance against Hansborough” posts in the last week.  Well, scratch that last one, but you get the drift.

Needing a much needed boost to the old fandom I headed over to the magical land of the Si Vault.  I’m sure, dear readers, that you’ve all checked this site out before.  If you haven’t, beware because it is a rabbit hole very similar to Wikipedia.  You will lose hours of your life to this web page, mark it eight.  But what I was able to find in the ol’ Vault were some fantastic fables of a time long forgotten in UK sports.  The glory days of the 70’s were my choice of history and man were there some good stories.  Here’s just a smattering of the gems I was able to find.

It Was Not Knight’s Night” This was a great story about the 1979 UK – Indiana game where Kyle Macy was doing his thing and Isiah Thomas thankfully fouled out late in the fourth quarter.  It was a hard faught game with the Cats taking the victory.  My favorite line from the article (in reference to Coach Hall):

Then he took off one of his loafers and held it up for inspection. There were two pennies inside. “I found them Thursday as I was leaving the barbershop,” Hall said. “That’s strong medicine. I really don’t believe in superstition, but I don’t want to tempt fate, either. They hurt my feet for two days, but that’s all right. A coach has to make some sacrifices, too.”

Barnburner in the Old Barn” Another great story about the UK – Indiana series, this time set in 1970.  Rupp was still prowling the sidelines at this time and the game came down to a buzzer beater in regulation.  John Ritter heaved a shot at the basket as regulation expired and it dropped through without touching so much as the rim.  The problem for the Hoosiers?  George McGinnis, who dropped 38 points and ripped 20 boards in the game, had called time out with 3 seconds to go right behind Ritter’s back.  The Hoosiers couldn’t score in those final 3 seconds and the Cats prevailed in overtime 95-93.

The Cats Go Wild”  Of course it wouldn’t be a trip down memory lane if one didn’t check in on one of Kentucky’s championship years.  Goose Givens rolled up 41 points in the championship game with Rick Robey dropping 20 of his own.  A great part?  This one was over the Dukies.  The best part?  The article talks about a chorus of fans singing aloud “Weep no more my lady, weep no more for me.”  Goose bumps.  It’s also fantastic how they use “the Goose was cookin'” in the article.  It’s nice to see that today’s journalist learn their horrible witicisms from their predecessors.

Well, that’s enough for one day.  If you get a chance get over to Si and check it all out.  Try the 80’s or even the 90’s for a nice boost to your day.  I’d particularly check out 1996 and 1998’s UK basketball articles.  It’ll bring a smile to your face on days that an 0-2 record are staring you in the face.

One Response to “Si Vault Brings You The Proud Kentucky”

  1. smoothron Says:

    “Goose bumps.”
    Classic, E.

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