FMCBCP: We’re Picking Pac 10 Winners


pac10FMCBCP is a stupid acronym I just came up with.  When it’s not football season, we do a FWP (Fearless Weekend Predictions) post every Friday where one of us predicts what will transpire over the upcoming sports weekend.  Well, College Basketball is about to start so we needed to do FMCBCP (Fearless Men’s College Basketball Conference Predictions) to document all our picks for the 2008-09 season.  I wanted to do a post that would feature a comprehensive coverage of all the conferences together.  EDay then reminded me that might be a 25,000 word post.  Since most of our readers (and contributors for that matter) have the attention span of a three year-old monkey, we decided to break each down by conference.  We’re only doing major conferences, so don’t whine when you don’t see the MEAC being featured.  We’ll be picking conference winners, POYs, COYs, FOYs, biggest disappointments and number of tournament teams.  As always, this will be done in a way that only can.

Today the Pac 10…

Pac 10 Champion

Bru’s Pick: UCLA

TGC’s Pick: Arizona State; I’ve got a theme of third year coaches going on this year, and I like the way Herb used James Harden last year to turn around an 8 win team into a 22 win team.  Plus, as surely Smooth will note, the coeds in the desert are a sweet yet edgy.

EDay’s Pick: Oregon’s Green Jersey with Green Shorts

Smoothron’s Pick: UCLA; Are they young?  Yes.  So what… Ben Howland is quietly becoming the next Marv Levy, but even old Marv won his conference four years in a row.  Arizona’s a mess, ASU is overrated, Ernie Kent, Lorenzo Romar and Tim Floyd still coach their respective teams and the Bennett guy at Washington State is way more worried about picking out his sport coat than coaching…. UCLA by default!

More Pac 10 females hoops after the jump.

TGC says it's all in a name.

TGC says it's all in a name.

Pac 10 Player of the Year


Bru’s Pick: Darren Collison

TGC’s Pick: Darren Collison; What a cool name.

EDay’s Pick: Oregon’s Black Jersey and Black Shorts; Those are playa status!

Smoothron’s Pick: Darren Collison; I think most people would tell you I know more about college basketball than most.  I’m going to be honest, though, I didn’t know who the Harden kid from ASU was when he was getting jerked off in every preseason magazine.  Collison will be the best player on the best team, thus he is the winner.

Pac 10 Coach of the Year

Bru’s Pick: Herb Sendek

TGC’s Pick: Herb Sendek; Now just wait for the Ricky P reference in the comments.

EDay’s Pick: Phil Knight; we know who really runs Oregon athletics.

Smoothron’s Pick: Russ Pennell; Expectations are LOW out in the desert for the Wildcats.  We are still talking about Arizona, though.  They have talent and they’ll upset some people

DeRozan looks a little angry after being snubbed by Bru and TGC.

DeRozan looks a little angry after being snubbed by Bru and TGC.

Pac 10 Freshman of the Year


Bru’s Pick: Jrue Holiday

TGC’s Pick: I’m actually not going with Demar DeRozan here because I think all his NBA hype won’t mean much when he goes to Pauley and gets handled by Collison and Jrue Holliday, who by the way, is my pick.

EDay’s Pick: The all new Black, Green and Yellow pinstripe Jersey/Short combination that will be unveiled at homecoming.

Smoothron’s Pick: Demar DeRozan; He won’t be as good as Mayo was last year, but he’ll be close.  Jrue Holiday is very good, but his numbers will suffer because his team is so talented.

God bless Tempe in January.

God bless Tempe in January.

Pac 10 Disappointment of the Year


Bru’s Pick: Arizona

TGC’s Pick: Arizona.  No Lute.  Bad vibes from Kevin O’Neill.  Lost signee Emmanuel Negedu to Tennessee.  Lost commitments Abdul Gaddy (UW), Solomon Hill (likely USC, G’twon or Kentucky), and Mike Moser (likely Oregon or UCLA).  They’re dealing with a lot of shit here.

EDay’s Pick: Nike will develop a new spray-on jersey in order to try and make the players faster.  The jersey is supposed to be made for the women’s team as to also drum up some interest in women’s hoops.  Sadly, the order will get messed up and the men’s squad will take the floor with nothing on but a thin layer of paint.  Yikes!

Smoothron’s Pick: Any team that has to travel from Arizona or California to Oregon or Washington will be VERY disappointed.  Girls in Tempe and LA never have to wear anything below the knee, whereas in Corvallis and Seattle they have to wear three parkas just to get to class.  Advantage: warm weather schools.

Number of Pac 10 Teams in the NCAA Tournament

Bru’s Pick: 5; UCLA, USC, Washington, Arizona State, Washington State

TGC’s Pick: 4; ASU, UCLA, USC, UW.  OK?

EDay’s Pick: Oregon will not need to worry about postseason uniforms this year.

Smoothron’s Pick: 5; UCLA, Wash. St., Arizona, Arizona St., Washington

Is it just me or is the Pac 10 seemingly going to be down this year?  I see UCLA as a possible elite team, but no one else seems to come close.  There are a lot of mediocre teams and a couple bad ones.  That also may have to do with the fact their games start at 4AM EDT, so I usually only catch the end of games when I get up for work.  Also, E is out of town and couldn’t get his responses in (he’s only had a week, give him a break) and said he wanted to put a different Oregon jersey in for every answer because he knew they’d never run out.  I, kind of, did that.

One more left!  SEC (not the one who hates Mark Cuban) tomorrow…

3 Responses to “FMCBCP: We’re Picking Pac 10 Winners”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    If I knew everyone got a Winnebago at Freshman Orientation, I would have went to a Pac10 school too. I really dropped the ball here.

  2. Sir Richard Says:

    This doesn’t really relate to this entry but I thought you guys might like to know that you have four entries with the word “penis” in the body but only one with “vagina”. I question your sexualities.

  3. Sir Richard Says:

    Also…the only sessy girls in this entry are surrounded with the words “Dissapointment of the year” YEESH!

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