TGC’s 2008 Bowl Projections


We’ve come far enough this year to understand enough about most of the bowl eligible teams (Thank you very much, Mike Leach).  I want to take a moment and deliver my wish list of bowl matchups.  This has very little to do with projected wins/losses, conference championship game results, or anything else.  More to do with my compensation for a terrible ’08 Volunteer season and the likelihood mortal certainty that I won’t be watching the orange and white in any bowl at all.

Here is what I want to see this bowl season.  Because I can.

Florida vs. USC
The Gators may well be the best team in the country, but will be locked out of the BCS National Title game due to the unforgiveable loss to Houston Nutt.  What better consolation for football fans than to see them light it up with arguably the most talented team in America, the Trojans?

Duke vs. Tennessee
I know, I know, the odds of these two teams getting bowl eligible AND getting an invite are pretty long, but this is my wish list so deal with it.  How nice would it be for Tennessee fans to show up in support of out-going Coach Fulmer, and to share in the success of new Duke head man, and former Vol OC Dave Cutcliffe?  If Shreveport weren’t 800 miles away, and you know, awful, I’d be there.

Kentucky vs. North Carolina
Usually when this game is played in December, it’s on the hardwood.  The UK/UNC hoops matchup is at the end of November this year, so why not have the sequel in Atlanta, with helmets and shoulder pads?  Plus it would neat to see historically-basketball schools (and fans) talk trash on the field.

Notre Dame vs. East Carolina
What will Dr. Lou do?  There won’t be enought black and white childhood sideline coaching/playing photos to go around.  Luckily this game is on New Year’s Day, so CBS has plenty of time to put together the hour long montage(s).

Boise State vs. Alabama
There would be nothing better than for this cowboy to watch incoming Tennessee Coach Chris Petersen learn very early the value of a win over the Tide. 

Other matchups I’d be interested in: Utah/Texas Tech, Vandy/Tulsa (purely for the crowd shots), Troy/Auburn (the Tony Franklin bowl), and Georgia/FSU.

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