APIAS.NET Sandwich Pick ’em Week 8


You know the drill….if you enjoy the neat helmet graphic we use for this pick em then please pick teams that have helmets we have already used in past weeks.

yeah, i know it looks like shit, just deal with it.

6 Responses to “APIAS.NET Sandwich Pick ’em Week 8”

  1. smoothron Says:

    Say what you will about the tenets of national socialism, but… mine was better than this.

  2. Holly Says:

    I can’t believe I ducked out of work to come up with one-liners for this. ALSO NEED COACH CUT ICON BACK THX.

  3. eDayStat Says:

    Sorry folks, on the road but here’s them picks before the games start.

    Ga Tech
    Ohio St
    South Carolina
    Va Tech

  4. eDayStat Says:

    TGC’s lost picks:

    GA Tech
    Ohio St.
    South Carolina
    Virginia Tech

    And by lost I mean he e-mailed them to himself and in Yahoo! mail’s infinite wisdom it filtered an e-mail to and from the same account into the SPAM folder. WTF?

  5. smoothron Says:

    Seriously, my drunken erased rambling was better than this… I think?

  6. eDayStat Says:

    Unless my counting skills are off or I am unable to correctly look up scores, here are this week’s standings…Bru and BobWicket take honors with 8 a piece. Group of four (two from each team) scrape the bottom with 5.

    Awayers: 41
    Holly: 5
    Extra P: 6
    Matt Jones: 6
    Burnsy: 6
    P Bean: 6
    Spanklin: 7
    Sir Richard: 5

    Homers: 47
    TGC: 5
    eDay: 7
    Smooth: 5
    2SL: 7
    BobWicket: 8
    Bru: 8
    TheW: 7

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