2008 Oakland A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (71-74)

Getting tired of this guy yet?

It's been a while friends.

Well looky there the A’s are within 4 games!  Of second place in a four team division.  Hmm, not so good.  The boys did take two of three from TGC’s Tigers and I feel pretty bad about that this time around.  We’re not going anywhere this year and the Tigs need all the wins they can get right now to make a long-shot run at the post season.  We didn’t do ’em any favors and that’s too bad. 

Usually we try to keep The Exodus upbeat and not dwell on the bad times too much, but today will be a bit different.  Specifically, I’d like to give Huston Street a big Fuck You.  Not a Barry Zitoesque Fuck You (no, we save that only for the biggest pieces of shit), but still, Street can stick it right now as far as I’m concerned. 

For one, the man has stopped doing his job.  That in itself isn’t enough to earn the old Eff call, but what happened in last night’s Tigers-A’s game was.  Street comes in for the eighth inning to try to hold on to a 3-2 lead.  He’s obviously not happy about playing set up man to Ziggy these days but guess what Huston?  You didn’t do your job, so a rookie had to do it for you.

So here he is in a tight game that doesn’t mean anything.  The team is well out of any contention for the playoffs and his performance shows that he wasn’t into the game.  First, he give up a double to Polanco and then his walk of Magglio wasn’t even close.  Not one of those sliders was even worth Maggs looking at.  He gets Cabrera to bounce out and then Geren asks him to walk Sheffield on 4 wide. 

Here’s where things get interesting.  Geren comes out to get Street, deciding to rely on the new closer Ziggy (more on this in a moment).  Street is visibly pissed and a replay of the dugout cam shows him throwing a little tantrum.  Guess what bud, do your damned job and you won’t get pulled.  Better yer, do your job the whole year and Ziggy would have been setting the table for you.  But you didn’t do your job.  Not early in the year, not last night, and likely not much more this year.  Because of that you’re going to be hard to unload too which just makes your performance that much worse.

Getting back to the pitching change, everyone thought Geren was going for the lefty Blevins.  So much so that Blevins made it about 75 feet onto the field before ol’ Bob gave him the Dikembe with the right index finger.  Blevins does a 180 and jogs back to tell Ziggy he’s in the game.  An odd thing to happen and I felt pretty bad for Jerry.  But that was some comedy. 

Anyways, not much else gong on in Oakland except Geren telling Crosby he’s going to see less playing time the rest of the year.  That’s what the expanded rosters are for.  Give the rookie Pennington some time at the big league level, keep Crosby from any stupid, late year injuries, and give Bobby something to think about while you’re at it.  Cliff is a young guy who has just enough skills to challenge Crosby for that position next year and this little sit-the-bench routine may be enough to kick Crosby in the ass.  We’ll see how it turns out.  Until then, enjoy the game, enjoy some brews, and if you know how to convince the Yankees Huston Street hasn’t lost his confidence, e-mail me pronto.

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