Wednesday Night Live Blog, Why The Hell Not?

Yes, that is PB&J&Bacon

Yes, that is PB&J&Bacon

What do you do on a lazy, humid Wednesday night when there’s not much going on?  Well if you’re two of the senior staff writers you live blog up some baseball that doesn’t matter.  Stick around tonight and we’ll fill you in on everything from the Tigers and A’s failed attempts at a pennant run this year to the state of affairs in college football and NFL fantasy drafting.  We might even fight a cracker or two. 

7 :17:  eDayStat – Well the Tigers were supposed to take the field @ 7:05 but they appear to be in a rain delay.  So I’ll just sit here and watch TGC try to draft Erik Ainge with his 9th pick in this fantasy draft.

7:44: eDay – Hmm, Tigers on rain delay and A’s rained out.  This doesn’t bode well for the live blog tonight.  On the plus side TGC has Ainge in his “your watch list” queue for his draft.  It’s just a matter of time now.

7:55: eDay – The line on Fox Sports for Miami / Florida is 20.5 points.  Is this real?  I know Florida can score the ball and Miami still isn’t back to their glory days but almost 3 touchdowns?  I’m just not buying it in week 2.

7:58: eDay – Apparently we are blacked out of the Piratas / Reds game.  TGC makes an excellent point that if I call MLB.TV and explain that I don’t have a TV maybe they will allow me to watch this spectacle.

8:03 TGC – Well, to kill the monotany until we can find a game… here is the outcome of my draft. Discuss.

8:07: eDay – <Shakes head in dissapointment>  No Ainge?  Man, I picked both Lorenzen and Boyd in a draft last year.

8:10: eDay – Well, no A’s tonight but at least I’ve got “Kentucky” Joe Blanton on for the Phils.  It’s still difficult to watch Philly and the Nats do battle.

8:24 TGC – Do battle might be a bit of a stretch… I think I’d rather watch Charles Barkley golf.

8:40: eDay – And the Tigs are in the 2nd with a 2 run lead.  Finally some baseball we can all get behind.

8:59: eDay – Heading to the bottom of the 3rd we’ve got Bob Wicket’s favorite T-shirt leading the best team in baseball 2-0.  If Garland goes back out for this inning Mike should be kicked in the nuts.  You’ve got 25 pitchers out there in the bullpen.  Don’t let that blister/cut get any worse.

9:03 TGC – I think I might name my next album blister/cut… do I owe you royalties?

9:04: eDay – I’m pretty sure W already owns a speed metal album by that title.

9:07 TGC – Dropping August of 2009: Wicket’s Favorite T with new album: blister/cut.

9:10 TGC – and back to reality… Mark Teaighsiryaurx goes yard to make it 2-1 in the 4th.  It’s just a matter of time, Mudhens… a matter of time.

9:22 TGC – And Gary Sheffield postpones the Gary Sheffield Farewell Tour for one more at-bat, singling home Ordonez for a 3-1 ‘Hens lead.

9:24 TGC – … then gets thrown out at second on a groundball to Left.  Stay tuned GSFT-goers

9:43: eDay – As Bob Wicket confuses Cornish gamehens with Mudhens, we find the Tigs down 5-3.  Time for one of those great 2007 rallies boys.  You’re all I’ve got tonight with the A’s off, let’s play some baseball!

9:58: eDay – I wonder aloud, do you avoid phrases while doing Indians games such as “there was quite and uprising last inning.”  TGC counters with, “weren’t too many people scalping tickets tonight.”  Touche sir.

10:02 TGC – Tigs tie it up in the 5th and back to work in the bottom of the 6th.  Sheff starts the inning off with his league-leading 455th foul-ball-homer to Left.

10:10 TGC – No dice for the ‘Hens in the 6th, although Renteria gets tossed after a pretty clear swinging strikeout.  Looked like he only said maybe 3 words to the ump.  At least one of them must have been magic.

10:15: eDay – Following Chone Figgins’ parents lead I believe I will name my first kid Qodjur.  It will be pronounced Rodger.

10:19 TGC – Figgings gets walked… which reminds me of SAT prep roughly 10 years ago

Chone : Shaun like _______ :Billiards 


10:21: eDay – I’ve got another association for that picture: Rich Brooks’ post game meal.

10:23: eDay – Damnit, I knew there was a reason I didn’t get that 1600.  Fuck you Bill Cosby.

10:30 TGC – After E bottle-taps my beer, Jose Arredondo enters the game.  Then the following takes place:

MLBTV Play-by-play guy: “This guy’s been solid, look at that ERA.”

MLBTV Color Commentator: “Yeah, wonder where they found this guy?”

Eday: “Well… Probably Latin America.”


10:36: eDay – 28 inning scoreless streak does not impress Brad Ziegler.  Apparently it doesn’t impress the Tigers either as they’re now up a run.

10:40 TGC – One can be certain there aren’t many folks at a game when you hear the following travel, clear as day, over the air, into the stadium mic, and through the digital processing of “Get off your knees Blue! You’re blowing the game!”

10:56: eDay – Pretty sure all of Detroit would agree with me on this point:  every time Rodney comes into the game he should have to enter to ABBA’s “Fernando.”

11:38: eDay – Hey!  Big Tigs win tonight.  We’ll leave you with this parting shot…Life’s a garden; dig it!

2 Responses to “Wednesday Night Live Blog, Why The Hell Not?”

  1. BobWicket Says:

    How many leagues you bros in? Could be there worser grammer before?

  2. BobWicket Says:

    I love the Mudhens.

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