Blogging Without Television (The First Week)


Harold Wilson is thought to have said, “A week is a long time in politics.”  For the current administrations of Georgia, Russia, and the U.S. this may never have been more true.  Well, we don’t do politics over here (for stuff like that check out our boys at Red, White and Dude) but if you ask me I’d say, “A week is a long damned time without any TV in your house.”

Yes, it’s been just a shade over a week since the old cable boxes were turned in and my sweet plasma tee vee has set motionless since.  Well, except for when SmoothRon or myself were playing MLB08: The Show on it.  In any event, I missed a lot of great sporting events this week.  I also actually found a way to catch a few sporting events as well.  For the run down of my first week going cold turkey jump with me.

Well the week started out quick enough and I pretty much lived off checking Deadspin and our site every 5 minutes hoping someone would post something.  By Thursday I was feeling pretty shaky.  TGC and myself were scheduled to go pick up some tasty treats for BobWicket’s bachelor party.  I found myself in his garage sittin’ on a sofa and watching Around The Horn.  It took about 1 segment before I realized this was the first TV I had watched in about 3 days time, and it felt good. 

I mentioned this to TGC, he laughed, and then we proceeded to drink way too many beers until way too late into the night.  It happens. 

My next opportunity to catch some TV came when we arrived at the cabin we were going to be hanging out at all weekend.  I actually got to watch a tad bit of the Olympics on Friday night, some old reruns on Saturday, and then got to watch Phelps on Saturday night.  I was really glad that I got to catch the swim for number eight.  That was a huge moment as 13 guys at a bachelor party were all screaming at a TV for men’s swimming.  Quite the picture I’m sure.

Sunday we returned home and I was able to watch some of the Olympics on my computer thanks to a friend at work loaning me a USB HD tuner.  It worked fairly well and I was able to watch quite a few more US medals on Sunday night.

So overall, I didn’t miss too awful much in my first week without TV.  I missed a ton of Olympic coverage but still got to see Phelp’s eighth.  I missed all the NFL preseason stuff that is going on, but I don’t keep up with the NFL until the season gets going anyway.  Yes, gasp, I don’t get geeked for the NFL before the season.  So shoot me.  I like NCAA football much better.  That’s just how it is.  I’ve also been missing beach volleyball and likely won’t get to see Walsh and MM-T go for gold.

Mostly, I haven’t missed TV that much this week at all.  This coming week I will likely miss out on a lot more Olympic stories and some more NFL preseason.  Other than that there’s not a lot going on.  College football roars in the next week and I will definitely be struggling, but guess what?  There’s always EDSBS to fill my football need.  Until then you can catch me on the back porch watching the A’s limp into another off season.  With a cold beer in my hand I’ll watch the boys end up 67-95, and I won’t even have to watch commercials.

2 Responses to “Blogging Without Television (The First Week)”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Around the horn and PTI is all a brotha need

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