EDayStat’s Trip Back in Time


EDayStat, good friend and fellow contributor to this great site, mentioned flippantly on Friday he would be embarking on an endeavor starting today.  Well, today is today… or something like that.  Anyway, EDay has decided he is going to go without cable at his home for the next month, at the least.  Yes, friends, he went and turned in his cable boxes and will attempt to be a sports fan without the use of a television.  Why?  I still have yet to figure that out, but he claims it’s something he wants to do and we’re all very interested to see how it goes.  Keep in mind, he’s not exactly closing himself off from the outside world.  He will still have the internet, so he’ll be able to keep up with his Oakland Athletics (if he so chooses) through MLB.TV.  And this is not a total ban of television, just at his home.  TGC’s abode is right across the street and everyone’s favorite Winch is a mere ten minute drive.

Let’s keep in mind, however, this is one of the busiest sports months of the year.  The Olympics are on, college football starts in just over two weeks, NASCAR’s Chase is upcoming, the best part of the baseball season is still ahead and the NFL gets going soon.  Again, let me repeat that I don’t condone this at all, but EDay has always been one who marches to his own beat.  There’s no stopping him now, so the best thing we can do is check back at the site in a few days and see how he’s coping.

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