Paging The General: 34 Days


So we all know that the best looking girls are in the SEC… and we also all know that the best looking girls in the SEC hail from (tie) Tennessee and Kentucky, (2) Athens, GA, and (3) Gainesville, FL–Columbia, SC in a close 4th.  But do we have an interview of a newby blonde explaining the misunderstanding of the word tailgaiting?  No! Not until we head back to Knoxville.   It’s okay Lindsey… Lindsay? Whatever.

Some people say it’s only 30 days ’til football season.  Well jackasses, I disagree.  Football season starts Labor Day Night.

Only 34 Days til chasing JD with Pepto, calling in sick on Tuesday, discreetly haniging orange out your Kentucky-alum-roommate’s window, and 24 in a row!

“Volunteer Football 2008 – Straight Outta Cromtpon”

2 Responses to “Paging The General: 34 Days”

  1. Burnsy Says:

    Obviously you’ve never seen the girls of the MAC, specifically Marshall and Toledo. Rawrrrrr.

  2. BobWicket Says:

    Discreet? There is probablo a different word for your actions.

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