Kimi’s reign of terror continues


The world’s highest paid athlete–F1’s Kimi Raikkonen at $51M (USD) annually–continues to make clear that he’s not taking no shit off-a nobody.  If you have a problem with that, you’ll have to come find him swimming in his pool of Finnish Euro’s to tell him so.  Either that, or grinding behind some Swedish karaoke singers.. in mid-song!

A week after knocking a cameraman on his arse, he’s now attacking seemingly innocent Asian women and children in Germany.  Video after the shove jump.

A simple “Sir, you’re standing on my bags” wouldn’t have worked… clearly.  And big ups to his handlers, no need to apologize, he’s Kimi freakin’ Raikkosomething.

This week he’s been made a target of the ever-dangerous and very poorly disguised Tiny-Autograph-Seekers (TAS) pickpocket gang of East Germany.  Asked about his fear for personal safety, Radiojism responded,

“Kimi does not have time for you tiny people.  Kimi has racing, er, in-line driving do.”



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