A’s Still Have an All-Star


We were all set to do a back-and-forth on this site between 2SL and myself about the possibilities of a Rich Harden to the Cubbies deal when Ol’ Billy goes ahead and pulls the trigger.  Not only does he unload our #2 (#1?) right handed pitcher, he also unloads the guy that I felt would step back into the rotation when Harden left.  I’m very surprised that Gaudin was part of this trade.

The quartet that the Cubbies sent over is interesting as well.  We got Sean Gallagher, a 22 year old kid who has been servicable for Chicago this year.  I suppose Billy sees something there and thinks that he can be a good part of the rotation in another year or two.  Hell, he’ll be starting on Thursday at this rate though.  We also got a back stop to go along with our new righty.  Josh Donaldson is also 22 and is still livin’ it up in Class A.  Who knows, maybe he walks every 5 at bats and will fit in with the A’s.

Eric Patterson and Matt Murton round out the field of players shipped to the Bay.  I’d heard Murton’s name on almost everyone’s wish list as a player to be packaged in on this deal and I’m happy to see him come.  He could be a good backup in the oft-depleted outfield.  Athletics Nation commentors compares him to a Kieltyesque player and that’s a fair comparison.  Patterson has been up and down with Chicago all year and appears to be a Class AAAA player as his stats at AAA Iowa were huge (.320 with 6 bombs and 28 RBI in 52 games) but in the Bigs he’s only a .237 hitter in 13 games this year.  I think this guy could be solid and I don’t read much into the low average in only a 13 game sample. 

Overall, we got the 5th and 7th best prospects in the Cubbies orginization (Baseball America ratings) and Gallagher was ranked the 82nd best prospect in all of baseball by the same site.  Not quite the haul that the Haren deal was and again, I’m surprised they gave up Chad too.  As always, only time will tell on this trade but hopefully Rich will pitch well for the Cubbies.  He was my favorite current A’s player until today, so looks like I’ll have to adopt a new one…AGAIN.  Billy, just tell me you’ve worked your magic one more time man.  Otherwise I’ll have to think you lost your touch. 

Also, thanks to whoever chose Duchscherer over Harden for the All-Star team.  We’d wouldn’t be represented without it!

S: www.oaklandathletics.com

7 Responses to “A’s Still Have an All-Star”

  1. 2ndstorylloyd Says:

    Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go! Hey Chicago what do ya say? The Cubs are gonna win today! Go Cubs Go!

  2. bayareasportsguru Says:

    I can believe Billy Beane would trade Harden! What was he thinking! I know that Harden is injury prone, but he has looked so good this year! WTF!!!

  3. smoothron Says:

    The baseball gods laugh at you again 2SL

  4. TheW Says:

    I still HATE the Cubs, and I don’t know how anyone can constantly root for a team who has no intention of winning whatsoever (I’m talking about you, Oakland). I will never buy into this “let’s try and win it with underpriced youngsters” because well, it doesn’t work, and never will. I know the A’s are in contention this year, but they just sold off their best player, and they could have had him AND Dan Haren for the rest of the year and those two make any team dangerous. Oh well. Chavez, Crosby, Ellis and Blanton, you guys better pack your bags because you’re next…eventually. Btw, send one of those guys the Cards’ way (so long as they’re not damaged goods like Mark Mulder).

  5. eDayStat Says:

    Are you seriously making an argument for keeping Haren last year? Wonder who we got back for him? Oh yeah, Dana Eveland and Greg Smith who have both been solid in the rotation this year. Wait, we also got Carlos Gonzalez who is currently our starting center fielder and hitting the shit out of the ball.

    You may have a point on this trade, but you may not. Gallagher is 22 and I have to assume the A’s pitching coaches are better than the Cubs (compare all the home-grown talents). Add to that the two fielders and a Single A catcher who, from everything I’ve read, is the prototypical A’s player (high OBP with marginal BA) and it may not end up bad. Yeah, Harden could go out and win the Cy Young next year, but he’ll have to stay healthy and let’s not forget one BIG thing…he would have been looking for a contract after next year and we wouldn’t have been in the running to keep him anyways.

    Oh, and Chavy isn’t going anywhere. He’s the only high-priced guy that we’ve actually locked up for the next few years. Also, don’t forget that this was meant to be a rebuilding year. If we even contend with the Angels down to the end of this season it’s a huge confidence boost for all the rookies to make a run at a pennant next year.

  6. smoothron Says:

    Bitch fight!

  7. TheW Says:

    You may have gotten a lot in return, but you’ll sell them all off once they become free agents and do this process all over again. You guys have a LOT of young talent and Beane is great in bringing guys like that in, but I just don’t feel like Beane will ever “go for it” if you all are in contention. And in this case, “go for it” means keeping the guys that can get you there and keep you there. The A’s have been good over the past decade, but you really haven’t gotten over the hump, and I just think sometime the Beane-ball stuff has to go. I just personally think that as a fan, it’d be hard to constantly root for a team that sells off our best players. It’s not so much about the money being spent, ‘cuz I’m a Cards fan, and while we do spend more money than you all, we don’t throw money around like a lot of teams.

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