Mainstream editors are some witty bastards


Every once in a while a big story goes down, either unexpectedly, or when not much else is going on in the sports world, and we get to read several takes on the “breaking news.”  Tonight’s reported trade of CC Sabathia to the Brewers is one of those times.

It is now our privelege, as the layperson sportsfan, to be inundated with cheeky headlines.  You know, because those guys can be funny too.

Here are a few from tonight.

Fox Sports – because… they, like, make milk products where he’s going.. (and just to be sure you don’t miss the joke, Ken Rosenthal–or the weekend Fox Sports Editor, probably an equally witty yank–notes “welcome to the Dairy State” in the caption)

More insufferable wit after the jump

SI – because they, like, make Beer there too

Probably my favorite so far comes from CBS/Sportsline (is that the same people, or some kind of merger… sheesh, I can’t keep up)


Now let’s take a look at some headlines around Blogfrica.

[The Big Lead] – The Milwaukee Brewers Trade for CC Sabathia

[BrewCrewBall] – Brewers, Indians agree on Sabathia

[Babes Love Baseball] – Captain Cheesburger Enjoys Brats (+1 Sooze)

Heh… fat jokes always get me.

Cleary, Blogdome, we have it all wrong…

Okay, okay, it wouldn’t be a TGC post without one more fat joke and some shitty Paint Skillz… you know, more fodder for the man to keep on keepin’ us down.  Here you go, you magnificent souls.

(I’ll update the post as more professional wit emerges throughout the day)


8 Responses to “Mainstream editors are some witty bastards”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    Ci Ci’s = -1 for not having delicious pepperoni rolls like Gatti Town. C.C. = -1 for being a fat slob who can throw hard.

  2. smoothron Says:

    But, +1 for Ci Ci’s and their delicious Cinnamon Rolls.

  3. eDayStat Says:

    I do not like mixing any kind of dessert in when I’m eating pizza. It feels dirty. Also, I’ve tried enough shitty dessert pizzas in my day to know that I should just eat cheese sticks as dessert when having a pizza dinner.

  4. 2ndstorylloyd Says:

    +1 for the always welcoming line “WELCOME TO CICI’S!!!!!!!!!!!”

  5. TheW Says:

    I’d kill C.C. in a CiCi’s eating contest. EDay knows all about my 70 pieces in 2 days record back in high school.

  6. Burnsy Says:

    As a Cards fan I just made a P.P. in my pants. God, we’re fucked.

  7. Sooze Says:

    Do we have to call him Captain Chorizo now?

  8. Hector Piche Says:

    Ain’t no-one can stop the mighty Indians!

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