Halfway point brings turtle head out for Tigs


On the day of the season’s 81st game, the Tigers pull out of loserdome and into a winning record.  With a 3 game sweep of the Rockies (who’s season couldn’t get much rockier… boo..) the Rock City Cats poke out one game over .500 to 41-40.

As I alluded to back in May, the day the Tigs climbed out of the cellar for the first time, 2SL’s ill-advised public faith in the Cubs, Eday’s consistency with his support of the Elephants (cheap shots be damned), and Smooth’s positive outlook for the Manuel era… all these things make baseball season around APIAS headquarters great.

Well, and hotdogs and beer too… obviously.

So here’s to keeping the wins coming, to Zumaya’s 100mph heater, to Todd Jones’ consistency, to Jimmy’s 2-pack a day habit, and to Big High Fives all over the Detroit metro area.

And here are my 5 biggest keys (2SL style) to the Tigs’ 2008 AL Central Title:

  1. Magglio and Polanco hit over .300
  2. Cabrera has 30 homers
  3. Willis either comes back healthy or takes the year off.
  4. Tigs go over .500 against both the Indians and White Sox (The Twins will sort themselves out of the race)
  5. Jimmy doesn’t die

There you have it.  Now we’re rolling.  See you at The Milner!  (Watch out for flying salt shakers.)

4 Responses to “Halfway point brings turtle head out for Tigs”

  1. smoothron Says:

    If you had written it 2SL style, it would have been full of grammatical errors and you would have called me asking to fix all of them.

  2. BobWicket Says:


  3. eDayStat Says:

    1) Tigs – A’s is not to occur this year and that sucks.

    2) I wish that was a TJ dog.

  4. TGC Says:

    +1 on the TJ dogs eDay… DeeeeLicious

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