We’re 400!!!


Well, technically, we’re not 400 days old until tomorrow, but much like 2SL we can’t keep help but bust out a little early.  For those of you who haven’t been here from the start this here web log started back in ought seven on April 22nd.  That parting shot fired over the wall of the Internets at Lexington Herald Leader resident write John Clay was our first foray into this odd world of sports blogging. 

Since that day we knew we’d never be the same again, and if you’ve read this site more than 2 days, we suspect you feel much the same about your own life since discovering us.  We’re sure you’ve never been more horrified.  Where’d we go from there? 

Well it’s hard to say.  A little baseball, a little racin’, a little college football and then it was New Year’s.  Time was flying and our hits were going up.  Soon, with the help of Deadspin, With Leather, and some well-timed Google image searches we were floating at about 1,000 hits per day.  We’re happy to say that’s still the case.  And we’re extremely happy that we’re had over 330,000 hits in a little over a year since we started this.  We’d like to get teary and thank everyone but we’ve still got some time to recap.  Hit the more for recaps of our best and worst ideas around this here blog.

Some of our best ideas have included adding pictures of hot chicks to most of our posts, starting Super Monday, auditioning for Paint skills, introductions to random sports, dropping rumors, T’ing folks up, reporting on arrested Bengals, and we’ve traveled to Chicago, Bristol, and Detroit (twice!).  Some of our worst ideas include starting the Exodus (taking up too much valuable post area), quitting Super Monday, and putting the mortgage on SmoothRon’s picks opening weekend at Keeneland (twice!). 

We’ve had a great time though and we hope you’ve had a good time too.  More importantly we hope you continue to have a good time and encourage feedback and tips via e-mail.  Most importantly, stay tuned because big things are coming down the pipeline here at APIAS.  SmoothRon will be live bloggin’ the NBA draft again this year.  In case you missed last year’s, you might want to give it a look.  FWP will keep rolling down on Friday’s with predicitions and weekend highlights.  It’s damned near time for TGC to start paging the General and for the blue Kool-Aid to start flowing all over the running game in Lexington.  Oh yeah, and expect lots of posts with the words DEE-EL-JAY! in them.  We’ve also got one or two more special projects we’ve been working on, so keep your eyes peeled.

Again, thanks for hanging with us this long folks and we hope you’re enjoying yourself.  Big thanks to all those who’ve supported us and continue to do so.  Thanks to Holly, Peter Bean, Extra P, Matt Jones, and especially Burnsy for participating in the long college football pick ’em.  I still haven’t figured out those damned tiny helmets.  Take it easy folks and have a beer on us.  You deserve it for stickin’ around this long! 

2 Responses to “We’re 400!!!”

  1. TGC Says:

    uh.. has anyone paid the corporate card bill yet?

  2. Holly Says:

    Here’s to 400 more! (And to me remembering to pick every week next season.) (But mostly, here’s to y’all.)

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