Lazy Sunday Afternoon


It’s been a lazy Sunday afternoon to say the least.  The Reds are playing in New York but that game is in a rain delay and I’m not about to watch the Cardinals (TBS), golf (ESPN 2) or soccer (ESPN).  So after knocking out the first few pages of the latest college football preview, I moved on to recruiting highlight videos.

It’s no secret that Florida is a hot bed for football recruits.  Year in and year out the state of Florida produces some of the best talent in the country.  This year is no different than any other year, especially at running back.  Florida is home to 12, yes 12, four-star running backs.  This spring and summer SEC schools, among many others, have been racing to land any of the 12 Florida running backs.  Florida, Auburn, Florida State, Alabama and Tennessee have all landed verbal commits from one of the highly touted running backs.

To help pass the time, here is a highlight video of soon to be Tennessee Volunteer, Jarvis Giles….

Side Note:  Sometimes highlight videos can be deceiving.  Here are some things to look for that can help seperate talented player from talented camera work.  Pay attention to the size of the crowd and stadium in the background.  The fewer the people, the worse the game.  Notice the field conditions.  Better players play on nicer fields (especially in Florida where the high school transfer rules are liberal at best.)  For position players note change of speed and direction.  Straight ahead speed is important but not everything, watch for cutbacks and how quickly a player gets back to full speed.  Just outrunning a bad safety doesn’t mean much, but if they outrun the angle, that’s something.  Also watch for the relative size of opposing players, trucking someone half your size does not make you a Division I phenom.

College football, only 2 months away.

2 Responses to “Lazy Sunday Afternoon”

  1. BobWicket Says:

    That dude is qui-ick.

  2. TGC Says:

    it’s the popped-collar/dreads combo that makes him cut like that

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