Sam Perkins Hired After High Praise


In what can only be referred to as… interesting news, ESPN is reporting the Indiana Pacers have hired Sam Perkins to be a player mentor.  His official title will be vice president of player relations; read: making sure no one takes a gun to a strip club at four in the morning then decides to shoot it just for the hell of it.  Perkins, who is better known for stealing my nickname (Big Smooth), was on the Pacer team that went to the NBA Finals in 2000.  He also won a National Championship alongside Michael Jordan with UNC in 1982.  He had this to say about his new job,

“I want to face the challenges in front of me and help the players mature in life.”

That’s all good and very respectable, but is Sleepy Sam really the guy for the job?  Are we sure he’s not going to be inviting Jermaine O’Neal to “watch video?”  And when I say “watch video,” I mean smoke pot.  I’m just saying.

[ ESPN }

3 Responses to “Sam Perkins Hired After High Praise”

  1. Bingo Wings Says:

    Perkins was “Big Smooth” when you were wearing diapers. Who better to be a mentor than someone that has already done it all? If only Portland had this idea maybe the “Jailblazers” are still together and winning.

  2. smoothron Says:

    I was Big Smooth when I was in the womb!!!

  3. BobWicket Says:

    joints or blunts?

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