Draft Day; just what the Dombrowski ordered


When teams stumble out of the gate and are mired in the midst of an underwhelming start to the 2008 baseball season, Draft Day always gives fans and front office personnel something else to concentrate on.  Today is that day for Tigers fans the globe over.

The answer to poor performance on the field this year?  Solid defense and big flies? No.

This year the answer is White Right Handed Pitchers and SEC Talent.  The Tigs went 4-5 in both categories yesterday.  Let’s have a look.

21st overall – RHP – Ryan Perry – Arizona
6’4″ fireballer that can touch 98mph, but has been hittable at times.  A mix of Verlander and Zumaya?  Or a mix of Todd Jones and a trailer park wife?  Here’s hoping for the former.

67th – Cody Satterwhite – RHP – Ole Miss
Stuff has been called “electric” but also noted as “hittable”.  Strange combination if you ask me… but he is from the SEC, so I’ll give him a pass today.

99th – Scott Green – RHP – Kentucky
Passed on his 15th round selection to go back to UK,  get pulled from the rotation, sent to the ‘pen, and improve his draft status by 12 rounds.  Somebody knows something I don’t.  And that somebody is probably Billy Clyde Gillispie.  And that something is probably that he nailed Scott Green’s girlfriend.  I’m just saying.

133rd – Brett Jacobsen – RHP – Vandy
Heady player with a strong work ethic and drive to succeed not only on the field but in life as well.   Actually, that’s not Brett’s bio, I just copied that from the Vandy website under “If you need info on any of our student athlete’s, just use this phrase.”  Works for me.  His favorite MLB player is Justin Verlander.  Awwkwaaarrd.

163rd – Alex Avila – Catcher – Alabama
Played with current Lakeland Flying Tiger Cale Iorg at ‘Bama.  Oh yeah, Alex’s dad, Al Avila, is the Tigers’ Assistant GM.  Huh.  Funny how that works out.

So there you have it.  Maybe I should be more enthused about the infusion of future trade bait and prospectus fodder, but I’m still a little grumpy about the A’s sweep and Eday’s broom post, and the 162 Million Dollar payroll and 11 games under .500 record.  Bitch.  Moan.

Here’s hoping these 5 lads can change my mind.  Cheers.  Go Tigs.

One Response to “Draft Day; just what the Dombrowski ordered”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    You just never know how a draft class will turn out. Ask the Clippers.

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