Tigers still finding new, and later, ways to lose


In a game that featured 22 walks and 12 pitchers, the Tigs lose again on a last-at-bat walk-em-off hit, this time by Jack Cust.  This time in 11 innings.  And for two happy-ass baseball watchers in the midwest, just prior to 2am Eastern–on a work night.

Despite leaving 52 men on base, including a bases-loaded no-out situation in the 3rd and 6th, the Cats just couldn’t seem to eek one home when it counted.

While I still think Jimmy is on the verge of finding the right recipe with this team, he had at least one thing right last night.

“Sometimes, it almost appears like we’re sitting around, waiting to get beat.”

Yeah, and sometimes you have to buckle down and decide to kick someone’s ass.  For all the fun I have watching A’s and Tigs with ole Eday, I’m getting a little tired of him getting to head to the house a winner every damn night.

One more shot at a win in Oakland happens this afternoon, and I’ll be making a great effort to get home and see the end.  Let’s hope Nate finds something, or that Cabrera wakes up, or both.  I’m sure you’ll get more detail from The Exodus later today, but I’ll sum it up like this:

I’m getting a little sick of this shit.

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