2008 Oakland A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (31-27)


Hello West Coast sports fans, and welcome back to the Exodus!  Sorry for the little two week lull but big things have been happening, and let’s face it, the AL West standings aren’t going anywhere for a while so there was no better time to take a few days off than now.  Basically, the Exodus’…um, exodus, can be summed up in two statements.  One, “PS3 induced coma.”  Two, “Butterfly in the sky!  I can go twice as high!”

That’s right folks, the A’s Season Blog got hung up by my drive to get myself to the show through the A’s farm system and a couple of weeks worth of heavy reading to knock out some books I’d been wanting to read.  Yes, APIAS.net writers can actually read.  Take a moment to let that sink in. 

Anyways, this here season blog is back and as furious as ever.  So hit the more for an analysis of how the A’s got where they are this season, how the patio is shaping up on a Monday night (a.k.a. partial Tigs-A’s live blog), and how lonely it is in the minor leagues for my create-a-shortstop on MLB 08: The Show.

We’ll start off with the acquisition of a PS3.  The day after the last Exodus post the FedEx man delivered a PS3 and MLB 08: The Show to my door.  Luckily, cNicStat was available to take delivery and it was on.  If you haven’t played The Show, it’s a helavu a game.  After playing a single game with the ’08 Athletics I immediately started a Road to the Show with myself as the up and coming shortstop for the A’s system. 

A slow spring training (and we’re talking sub .300 average here) put me down in the AA system.  As the backup SS.  About 5 games in I started getting consistent run as the DH and as the bat heated up the nod as starting short stop came along.  Currently, a .350 average, 12 HR, and an OPS of over .950 hasn’t gotten me the call up to AAA.  Hopefully after this series it’ll come.  Also, this will be a new running part of the Exodus.  My excapades in the A’s farm system.  Yeah, it’s boring as Hell, but I like to brag on my simulated self from time to time.

As far as the real A’s club.  They started June three and a half back of the Angels.  The bats have fallen a bit quiet as of late, save the Rangers game last night.  The bullpen has come to Earth a bit and a few injuries haven’t helped.  Overall though, the team keeps marching along.

Rich Harden is on the mound tonight for the A’s against the Gambler.  One inning down and the A’s are up one.  That’s a good start for the home team and Harden is dealing at the moment.  We’ll see how he goes as the innings mount up, but for now Rich looks sharp.  Three up and three down in the second for the A’s and we go to the bottom to try to get some more off Kenny.

The bottom of the second and whole third went by without many fireworks.  The A’s were in position to score one in the bottom of the third but Bobby made a couple of mistakes on the base paths which possibly cost a run.  Rich gets ready to take the hill in the top of four and hopefully we’ll keep getting a good duel between he and the Gambler.

Here we go to the middle of the 5th and we’re still set up at 1-0 Good Guys.  Rich walked a couple in the inning but got Pudge to go after a splitter in the dirt to end the inning.  Harden threw about 20 pitches in that inning after being just over 50 in the first four so he needs to be a little economical in the next one or two if he wants to see the late innings.

Well Cust worked a walk out in the bottom of the fifth.  He took a couple of two strike curves that were right on the outside.  TGC wanted those but Kenny’s not gettin’ that call at the moment.  Emil is up trying to keep things rolling but is looking bad so far in this at bat.  Doesn’t look so good right here and I expect a double play ball.  And there it is, end of five.

Well, there goes the lead in the sixth.  Jeff Larish singles in the go ahead run after Harden started leaving the ball up.  The intentional walk may or may not have paid off.  Most baseball guys will tell you that it didn’t because the Tigs took the lead.  Then again, if Harden throws to Cabrera and leaves that splitter up it may be 3-1 and Larish is hitting with the bases empty.  Luckily for the A’s Cabrera ran into an out at third so we’ll head to the home half of the sixth against Rogers down one.  Ellis leads it off and will look to try to get it back to even here.

Daric Barton just went yard in the bottom of the seventh to bring this thing back to a tie.  Also, the Padres have invited us all to “Fiesta con los Padres.”  For those non Spanish speakers amongst us, this translates to “party with the Dads.”  I’d love to party with papaStat.  That cat can put ’em away.  TGC is relating the sotry of papaStat guzzling sake at the local habachi grill.  Good times.  Bobby grounds into a double play.  Why’d we even play the first seven?  TGC says “in order to get these twelve beers down.”  Sometimes I think he’s a prophet.  Sometimes I think he’s drunk.  Sometimes these two things happen simultaneously.  And the Cubbies continue to roast the National League while beating up on the Fathers tonight.

Keith Foulke pitches a good eight, making it one and third solid innings pitched tonight.  He’s a roller coaster at times, but tonight he’s been spot on.  I suppose the A’s will be facing the Roaster again in the eighth even though he’s over “the century mark” as Rod Allen says.  Cust will be up first and I predict a strikeout.  Kenny won’t make that mistake pitch against Jack that he did against Daric earlier.  A steady diet of curve balls soon to come.  Two curve balls, two strikes.  Screw the heater Kenny, give ’em the curve ball says Pudge.  And somehow, Cust lays off for a 2-2 count.  We go full and the 6th curve of the inning will be…wide.  Cust draws his customary walk and here comes Jimmy.  We’ll see Dolsi (dull-say) come on to face Emil.  Both teams are in the bullpen so things should get interesting.

Well the young guy does a good job of trading base runners on Emil’s chopper but gives up a solid hit to left to Ellis.  Jimmy decides to play National League ball and goes with Seay agains the rookie Gonzalez.  We’ll see how this plays out as I don’t think Bob has anyone to counter with as all the veterans are on the DL. 

Well Seay made it interesting but Barton couldn’t do anything with a 3-2 pitch.  I still think he did the right thing taking all the way on 3-1 with a pitch right down the pipe.  When a guy is struggling with his control you have to make him make pitches and to Bobby’s credit he made ’em when they counted.  We’ve now played 8 innings with no one having an advantage.  It’ll be interesting to see how Bob decides to go in the ninth.  I assume we’ll put up Huston to go for a one inning game.  We’ll see how it goes.

One heluva a game tonight as Suzuki gets a huge hit to start the ninth, the A’s play small ball with Jack’s sac bunt, and Bobby comes up big again with a walk off hit.  Hate to take one from the Tigs when they need it, but that’s a huge start to the home stand for the A’s.  Everyone stay tuned tomorrow night because SmoothRon and 2SL’s schedules just got a bit ligther for a couple of weeks and they may live blog TGC and myself watching tomorrow night’s game.  Until then, enjoy the games, enjoy some brews, and most importantyl, if you know how to get the Hell out of AA on The Show, e-mail me pronto.

2 Responses to “2008 Oakland A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (31-27)”

  1. TGC Says:

    Would it kill you to throw a picture or two up there?

  2. cNicStat Says:

    I’d like to be the APIAS.net official translator.

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