Far from 2006, A’s and Tigers meet again


There will be no APIAS Road Trip for this series, and only one of the two is playing the kind of ball they were supposed to this year, but it doesn’t mean we take it lightly.  It’s homer vs. homer, flaming jersey vs. big high five, Bud Select vs. whatever’s on special, Jim Beam vs. Jack Daniel’s… yes sir it’s Eday’s Elephants vs. my own Rock City Cats.

Let’s take a quick look at the series’ Pitching Matchups.

Kenny Rogers (4-4 5.88 ) vs. Rich Harden (3-0 2.60)
As mentioned in The Exodus on occasion, pretty much no one has been able to hit Rich since he came off the DL a few weeks back, which doesn’t bode well for the Tigs incredibly streaky bats, except for the fact that the Gambler owns a 25-4 career record in McAfee.  There may not be a run scored until either team gets into the bullpen tonight… which will mean somewhere around 11:30 pm Eastern for those of  you on the patio.  Prediction: The final score will total less than the # of beers consumed watching it.

Dontrelle Willis (0-0 7.50) vs. Dana Eveland (4-4 3.66)
After being on the DL most of the year (he got hurt in the 2nd inning of his 2nd start) and being replaced in the rotation by AAA callup Armando Galarraga (who’s 4-2 record is the best on the staff) Willis will make his first of what most likely will be several “piggy-back” starts for the Tigers.  This is a seldom used tactic to get more pitchers starts.  Galarraga will come out of the bullpen in this game, and they’ll most likely swap roles the next time this spot in the rotation is due up.  I don’t know much about Dana Eveland, except for that he’s never faced the Tigers and he has a girl’s name.  Prediction: Willis blows up early, Galarraga saves the day, Tigs win 6-5.

Nate Robertson (few-many Hi.GH) vs. Justin Duchsherer (4-4 2.67)
What can I say about this matchup?  Robertson’s only statistic keeping him in the lineup is his $3.3M salary.  He’s a career below .500 pitcher and rarely gets past the 5th inning.  He’s by far the weakest link in what’s becoming a pretty good rotation, and without that ridiculous salary for doing jack shit, he’d be designated to AAA or AA or FF and that spot’s rightful owner Armando would have it.  But whatever, you professional check-casher you, at least we’ll get the pen some work on Wednesday.  Prediction: A’s WIN. BIG. Robertson keeps his job.

See you on the patio. 

Editor’s Note: While writing this post, I got the following text message from Eday:

Hope this doesn’t affect our interactions in the outfield, but…Tonight, we do BATTLE!”


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