Is it time for EVERYBODY PANIC Detroit!!?


Not quite yet, but when the following facts are true, we’ve gotta be getting close.  Here’s a summary of the lead-in.

  • The Tigers currently have a worse record than anyone in MLB not named Mariners, Rockies, or Padres.
  • That list does not include the Cincinnati Reds, who are riding a 3 game winning streak, including a series win against the former best record in baseball Marlins, while the Tigs are 1-8 in the last 9.
  • The Rock City Cats are 0-5 against AL Central doormat Kansas City (the team payroll differential is a mere $80.4 M, or 1.4 times KC’s entire roster).
  • Justin Verlander, the staff ace, is 1-7.
  • The city’s big-high-five count is at a quarter-season low not seen since 2005.
  • Detroit is located mere feet from Canadian soil. (Okay, so that’s pretty constant, but c’mon, when it rains it pours)

So maybe not time to pack it in and call it a year, after all, they do play 162 of ’em for a reason.  But let’s raise the concern level a little here Jimmy, we can’t count on the division leader to hover around .500 all year (*cough 2005 NL West).

Jimmy, it’s time to yell at somebody.  And this time, do it in public.  Sheesh.  Really?  The stinkin’ Reds?

Enjoy this gem from Asheville @ Lexington in ’06.  Not new, but it sure seems therapeutic.  Give you any ideas Jimmy?

2 Responses to “Is it time for EVERYBODY PANIC Detroit!!?”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    Ya gotta scare ’em Jimmy!

  2. Tigers Justin Verlander Authentic Jerseys Says:

    I really liked your blog with the Justin Verlander item. I think Verlander may be a future hall-of-famer.
    I try to follow as much baseball news as I can from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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