2008 Oakland A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (17-10)


For the 2nd time this season I had to get after the boys.  Basically refusing to write about them until they broke this tie with the Angels worked out.  The A’s are the lone division leader after the 14-2 drubbing they put on the Halos yesterday.

17-10 is a pretty good start.  Taking the first of a four games set on the road is huge for the young A’s.  The last two years have not looked good in 4-game sets, so hopefully this is the start of a new era in long series. 

The A’s took it out on the LA pitching to the tune of 3 homers, 16 hits, and six more walks.  Barton finally went yard for the first time, Jack H. for the second time, and Emil ripped his third bomb of the year (while hitting nearly .300!).  Crosby was 0-4 and looks to be slowing up a bit while Kurt had 1 hit and 2 walks in six at bats in the leadoff spot.  Have I mentioned how much I love having Kurt Suzuki hit leadoff?  His OBP is around .375 and he doesn’t strike out too often for a guy who sees a lot of pitches.

Chad Gaudin looked great again and the guy is absolutely dominate when he keeps the ball down.  He reminds me a lot of a young Tim Hudson.  Andrew Brown has still not given up a run in relief.  Dallas Braden continues to pull mop-up duty in long relief and that’s probably not a bad place for a kid who can’t wear his hat straight.  Seriously, couldn’t the A’s fan site find better pictures of him?  Seems like every one they have of him involves him wearing a tilted off cap.

We’ve got Greg Smith against Joe Saunders in Game Two of the series tonight.  Saunders has pitched great all year but has been a little more wobbly in his last two games.  Let’s hope that his stats (primarily the ERA, walks, and hits categories) continue to mount.  I’m big on Greg and I think he’s going to be a great pitcher.  He’s going to take some lumps in his early career, but we’ll hope tonight isn’t one of those times.  We’ll see how this series ends up but the A’s could be anywhere from 20-10 to 17-13 by the time it’s over.  I’d settle for 19-11, a series win, and no tie at the end of this series.  It all starts with Game Two tonight and we’ll keep updating as it goes along.  Until then, enjoy the games, enjoy some brews, and if you happen to know any converted relief pitchers with a $124 million strategy up for grabs, e-mail me pronto.

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