Dropping Bombs; Tigs sweep Park Rangers


The get-out-of-town game couldn’t end quickly enough for the Texas Rangers’ pitchers.  After shredding them for 29 runs in the first 2 games, the Rock City Cats took another approach Thursday afternoon dropping 5 bombs on them, 2 by Magglio.  That is the most in a single game by any team in the  bigs so far this year.

Even Grando, on his second day back, pitched in, knocking the first pitch of the 1st inning over the left field wall.  Guess the finger is okay.

This is the kind of offense Tiger fans have been salivating for since December.  One can only hope it keeps up.

The 4 in a row drives the record to 10-13 and puts them a game up from the cellar, currently occupied by Cleveland (which is in Ohio, which already smells funny).

Tonight brings struggling Tiger Nate Robertson (0-2) against red-hot Ervin Santana (3-0) who just licked the Mariners for 3 H, 0 BB, 8K in 8 strong.

Then again, the Mariners didn’t put 5 free baseballs in the outfield stands on Thursday.

One Response to “Dropping Bombs; Tigs sweep Park Rangers”

  1. TGC Says:

    The bandwagon line forms to the left…

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