2008 Oakland A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (12-8)


Sweep number two of the season is complete (you’re welcome TGC) and the A’s are rollin’ again.  A well-earned off day on Monday should give the boys some time to rest up and come out firing against the Twins on Tuesday.

We’re nearly one eighth of the way through the season and Stomper’s boys are still in the lead of the division.  The young arms continue to throw well and Bobby Crosby is heating up.  Barring him slipping on a bar of soap or having a freak Guitar Hero injury he should end up having a pretty good year.  Maybe a couple too late for W, but we’ll take it nonetheless. 

The only thing that’s missing so far is some pop.  The A’s are dead last in the Majors in home runs with 7.  To put that in perspective a bit, Chase Utley has more homeruns and Derrek Lee has as many as the A’s.  It may not be a big deal for a team that’s averaging over 4.5 runs a game (with < 3.5 ERA) but I would still like to see Jack Cust wake up or Daric Barton step into a pitch or two. 

All in all, the start so far has been great for the A’s.  The bullpen has been great and the starting pitching has been solid.  Young guys have been stepping up big.  There have also been a lot of comeback wins which is huge for a young team.  If these guys can get it in their head that they can win when they’re down then they should be fine. 

Twins come to town Tuesday.  Should be a fun series with two evenly matched teams that both pitch the ball well and like to move runners around the basepaths.  We’re not expecting a lot of long balls in this series, but you never know.  Until then, enjoy the games, enjoy some brews, and if you know any good jobs and cheap housing to be had in the Bay area, e-mail me pronto.

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