2008 Oakland A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (9-7)


4-2 is the final score in Oakland on Wednesday night.  The A’s fall to division rival Seattle and if KC hangs on to beat the Angels they’ll still hold on to a tie for the division lead.  If the Angels come back late, the A’s will fall to second place.

No mysteries exist about the outcome of this game.  Joe Blanton pitched his usual game, pitching eight strong innings but giving up 4 runs on 12 hits.  You always know that Joe is going to be around the plate (walked 0 batters in this game) and it’s going to be a quick game.  You just wonder how much that strike percentage (65% tonight) is going to catch up to him in the run column. 

Tonight the M’s pushed across 3 in the first and that was all they’d end up needing as Felix Hernandez pitched well as he always does against the A’s.  Hernandez gave up 2 runs over 9 innings and the A’s just couldn’t get a big rally going against him.

Daric Barton was the star at the plate tonight going 2-4 with the lone RBI.  Andrew Brown came in to shut the Mariners down in the ninth.  He’s yet to give up an earned run on the year and could become a big part of the bullpen as this season marches on.  Overall it’s been a dissapointing night to start the home stand.  We’ll hope that the A’s can take tomorrow’s game to pull even in the series.  If I heard right tonight Lenny will be starting tomorrow.  That should be fun as always (please disregard the sarcasm).  Until then, enjoy the games, enjoy some brews, and if you know a guy who can consistenly hit over .300 while taking 7 pitches an at bat, e-mail me pronto.

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