2008 Oakland A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (9-6)


A 4-1 loss on Tuesday afternoon dropped the A’s to 9-6 on the season and back to a tie for first in the AL West with the Angels.  Dana Eveland got roughed up a tad in the day game but Joey Devine and Kirk Sarloos came in to throw 3 & 1/3 scoreless to try to give the A’s a shot.  Emil Brown drove in Daric Barton in the 9th to get the A’s on the board, but the boys couldn’t rally from 4 back.

As we mentioned on Saturday the A’s took 2 out of their last 4 on the road, winning two of their three road series and splitting with the Sox in the third.  6 and 2 on any road swing will always be welcome, but the best part was the teams the A’s played against well.  The Jays and the Sox are above .500, the Sox lead their division, and the Indians are no joke.  They should contend for the AL Central again. 

Greg Smith made his debut on the road trip and pitched lights out last night.  He’s doing a great job of filling in for Harden and will likely stick around even after Harden makes his return.  Smith is a big part of the A’s having the second best ERA in the AL (behind the Royals!) and has been quite the replacement for Dan Haren thus far. 

The A’s are back off the road and have big series coming up against Seattle, the red-hot KC Royals, and Minnesota over the next week.  They need to get at least two of these series with the one against Seattle being key to boosting the young guy’s confidence that they can win the division.  We’ll try to throw in a live Season Blog one of those Seattle games (likely tomorrow night) but no promises folks.  Until then, enjoy the games, enjoy some brews, and most importantly, if you know a place where we can get dollar dogs and have a food fight, e-mail me pronto.

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