Tigers, not out of the gate well


After watching several races saturday at Keeneland (and hitting a WPS in the 6th!) the analogy seems suitable.

Yesterday on national television the Tigers (who already had been the last MLB team to win a game) became the first team to 10 losses this season (2-10).  Unexpected is not the right word.  I’m not sure what is.

Sunday afternoon’s rubber match looked more like White Sox batting practice than anything that could be considered a Major League Baseball game.  For all the calm and composure Jimmy Leyland has portrayed so far this year, it was all out the window after an 11-0 blowout.

Following a closed-door team meeting after the game:

“I was ticked off,” Leyland said. “I finally got ticked off, to the point where I didn’t really hold it in very good. I meant what I said. I’m not going to get into what I said.

“There’s one thing that sticks out to me right now that’s going on, and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back to me. And that’s why I’m ticked off.”

While there was not much positive going on Sunday in Chicago, there just might be some good news on the horizon.  Leadoff man Curtis Granderson is due back sometime this week from a broken finger.

Oh, and yeah.  Here you go White Sox fan.  Keep up the, er, good work?

2 Responses to “Tigers, not out of the gate well”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    Would someone find this man a Tigers hat and a sweat band immediately!?! The Tigers are losing games and he can’t foul out. It’s a National Emergency!

  2. cNicStat Says:

    TGC–I think you just wanted an excuse to post two dudes sucking face.

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