2008 Oakland A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (7-4)


The boys kept it rollin’ tonight after a late-inning come back and a lot of rain.  Oakland won its fourth in a row to improve to 7 and 4 on the season.  That’ll be good enough for first in the division if Seattle can hold on to beat the Angels in late, West Coast action.

The A’s had another great night at the plate during which they registered 15 hits.  12 of those hits came off last year’s AL Cy Young winner C. C. Sabathia.  The A’s have faced a few good pitchers this year in Dice K (twice), Burnett, and now Sabathia.  Also, the Jays’ other starters are nothing to sneeze at, and Oakland has been teeing off on those pitchers as of late. 

It hasn’t been in spectacular fashion.  The A’s have only hit 5 home runs in 11 games, but they have ripped 96 hits on the season and been patient enough to walk 46 times.  That means they are averaging nearly 13 base runners per game.  A pretty astounding stat.

Joe Blanton pitched deep into the ball game and ended up taking some lumps.  Hernandez didn’t look well tonight, but Huston Street did have a less eventful night.  Street now has 3 saves and will hopefully settle back down and continue to close teams out in the late innings.

Tonight was a great start for the series for the A’s.  It’s a tough game to travel and play the same day, and it’s twice as tough against a quality team like Cleveland.  This team is looking pretty well right now.  The young guys look confident, the bullpen is throwing well, and some starting pitchers have stepped up to help out with the typical Oakland injury list.  A night game on Saturday and a day game on Sunday round out the Cleveland series before the A’s stop in Chicago for a two game set. 

If the A’s go 2-2 in those games this will be an amazing road trip, all things considered.  Just keep playin’ hard boys and do your jobs while some of the starters are out with injuries.  Until next time, enjoy the games, enjoy some brews, and if you happen to have a tip on a winner for the #9 race tomorrow at Keeneland, e-mail me pronto.

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  1. TGC Says:

    go with Monba at 15/1

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