Tigs off the schneid!


Now I’m not calling Jimmy a prophet (or myself for that matter), but there is something to be said for having a rock like Leyland at the helm, taking a day to recalibrate, and myself and Eday finally making to the back patio for a ballgame.

With a strong effort from Bondo and some timely hitting by Guillen and Renteria (expected) and Thames (a nice surprise) and a mental “attack mode” that has been lacking, well, since early ’07, the Bless You Boys notch the first of (what we all expect will be) many.

So Jimmy, ready to start talking about the potential for this team?

“We’re not out of the woods yet, but maybe this will loosen everybody up a little bit…

Fair enough, I’m just glad to be in the win column.  Its a long season folks (if you don’t believe me, ask Eday, with that Season Blog he’s running over there… what were you thinkin’ man?) and we’ll talk about August in August.

One more tonight with the Sox of Red, then 3 more with the Sox of Black looking for redemption.

1-7 today, next stop .500!

Also, if you didn’t catch the end of the Cubs/Pirates last night on mlb.tv,  you missed it.  Tried to get resident Cub fan 2SL involved in the festivities.  But him was asleep and wouldn’t answer his texts. 

Poor guy, all tuckered out.

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