2008 A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (5-4)


Back above .500 and it feels gooood.  Can’t say enough about Greg Smith’s first showing in the Bigs.  He shook off a rough 1st inning to pitch a strong 6. 

The A’s blew a few lot of chances in this game, but another great 9th inning road rally brought it home.  There were too many positives at the plate tonight to go into details, but overall, the boys are starting to really come together and swing the bats well.  The never-say-die outlook they have right now (after coming back in the ninth on the road two nights in a row) says a lot about this young team.

The bullpen looked excellent again.  Huston is doing his best Todd Jones routine in the ninth, but still gets a save for his efforts.  Putting away Vernon Wells, who’s an A’s killer, and Big Frank to end the game just prove that he can still make the pitches when he needs to. 

Big ups to Fernando Hernandez who earned the win in his first appearance in the Majors.  The guy who formally went by the name Garcia (if the Jays announcers are to be trusted) came in with some filthy stuff.  It’s the first time I’ve seen him and with that mid-nineties fastball and filthy split/slider looks very much like a potential set up man.  I’m still not sure what that #2 pitch he was throwing is, but it has some great late sink on it and has enough speed change to make it a viable second out pitch.  The little change up he used wasn’t that bad either.

Again, a great night for the young A’s on the road.  Back above .500 and back to second in the standings.  Couldn’t ask for any more on a Wednesday night.  Until next time, enjoy the games, enjoy some brews, and if you see a cheap, tiny Dawkins # 12 jersey that is slightly charred, e-mail me pronto.

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