2008 A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (3-4)


Another week starts with the A’s below .500.  Joe Blanton had another strong start, going 6 and 2/3 and giving up 2 runs.  4 walks in the game are uncharacteristic of Blanton, but he still pitched a fine game and had great back up out of the pen. 

The offense; however, was not quite there (is this 2007 again?).  Travis Buck continued his impressive pitiful streak by gonig 0-3.  He is not hitless in 21 at bats this year.  Hey, but I guess he did have the lone RBI of the game for the A’s.  Curt Suzuki is still swinging a hot bat as he went 2-3 and scored the only run of the day.

Overall, not a bad weekend for the A’s.  The first series win of the year is always good, but the sweep, and a winnig record, would have been much better.  The A’s head to Toronto for 3 games as part of an 8-game round trip.  The bats likely won’t get going against one of the best rotations in the majors, so we’ll need some strong pitching on our north-easternly trip.  Until next time, enjoy the games, enjoy some brews, and most importantly, if you know anyone who’s put $100 on the A’s for futures betting, smack them pronto.


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