Coaching Changes Abound


Look, we really try to do this as little as possible.  Sometimes, we’re right… and other times we’re wrong.  It just so happens this time, we have some sources very close to the situations in question; so we feel the need to inform.  Obviously, there is a coaching vacancy at LSU (Butch Pierre didnt’ get a fair shake in this guy’s opinion).  Here’s how things will fall, according to our sources…

Travis Ford will be the next coach at LSU.  He’s done a damn good job at UMass, losing in the final game of the NIT this year.  They may or may not have deserved a spot in the Tournament, as the case could be made for most teams who play in the NIT Championship.  Ford will do a great job down there, and if he gets the athletes out of Louisiana, LSU will not be a team anyone wants to play in the upcoming years.

Steve Masiello is going to be the next head coach at UMass.  This may be a stretch for most to hear.  UMass has a history of hiring coaches who have been head coaches before, something Masiello lacks.  However, Masiello has strong ties to the Northeast; he’s from there, he was a Knick ballboy while Pitino coached in NY, and has recruited many players from the region to Louisville, KY of all places. 

Happy Osborne is the new coach at Centenary.  You may not know who Osborne is, but he is an NAIA legend.  Georgetown was undefeated going in to the National Semifinals this year, and ended up getting upset.  He is a master recruiter and most players from the Central Kentucky area who sign with D-1 programs and don’t have the desired experience end up playing at Georgetown (see George Baker at DePaul and Justin Taylor at Tennessee Tech).  Also, Happy has wanted a D-1 job forever.

2 Responses to “Coaching Changes Abound”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    You forgot Bob Knight to Western Kentucky.

  2. TGC Says:

    And Steve Lavin to 1-800-FLOWERS

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