2008 A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (2-3)


Frankly, I’m quite surprised.  By the A’s 6-3 win Friday night?  No, not in the least.  What most surprised me is that the A’s went over 4 whole games without and injury until Friday night.

In Justin Duchscherer’s first start the man was cruising.  Over 5 innings he had given up 2 hits, 2 walks, and struck out 6.  Then back-to-back hits lead up to what many Oakland fans have been dreading, the first injury of the season.

The Duke is out with “biceps tendinitis (took me three times not to type tendiniTITS) for what will likely be an indefinite amount of time.  Inflamed body parts are never good for anyone and they don’t generally have a set pattern for healing.  There are general time scales, but they perpertually reinjure if not taken care of properly.  Here’s hoping that new-look A’s training staff will be on top of this one and get J-Duke back out on the hill soon.

In other dark news on Friday, Travis Buck continues his oh-for with an 0-4 night.  Buck is now 0-18 (EIGHTEEN!) on the season.  The A’s really need to young guy to wake up soon.

Bobby Crosby and Daric Barton each had two hits while Mike Ryan Sweeney went 4-4 with an RBI with his start in center.  Maybe it’s because he’s hitting .444 right now, but I generally like the Sweeney kid.  He sees the ball well and hits like an A’s hitter should.  Especially out of the nine hole.

In a late night affair (game went until after 1 again here on the east coast) the A’s pulled out a good win behind great pitching and what seemed like an endless string of singles in the 5th.  Any win is a good win, but you’d prefer a win and a healthy ball club.  Just doesn’t seem to be an option when you’re a Green and Gold fan.  Until next time folks, enjoy the games, enjoy some brews, and most importantly, if you know any aging ladies who are Mets fans and make delicious chocolate chip cookies, e-mail SmoothRon pronto.


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  1. smoothron Says:

    Seriously, quickly!

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