Hopson to UT: The Aftermath for UK


midisnotastate.jpgBuried beneath a week full of tragedy surrounding the University of Kentucky, on a completely different level was even more bad news.  While the news pales in comparison to the deaths of Bill Keightley and Marvin Stone, Scotty Hopson’s commitment to Bruce Pearl and the Vols also made waves.  Hopson is a McDonald’s All-American, although he may not be the best player in his own region.  He led his team to an “All-A Classic” Championship (see: small school State Tournament in most other states), and a Sweet Sixteen (Kentucky’s State Tournament) berth.  He and Darius Miller, UK commitment, battled each other all year to see who would win Mr. Basketball.  Hopson’s perceived laziness by coaches and media hurt his campaign, he seemingly could never do anything right.  Miller had committed to UK in the fall (a UK commitment always helps in the voting) and won MVP honors leading his Mason County team to the State Championship.  Hopson, no doubt, is a great coup for Pearl and UT; but is Scotty going south the worst thing for UK?

For all we know right now, Kentucky only has four scholarships to give for 2008-09.  Miller and DeAndre Liggins (Findlay Prep in Las Vegas) signed National Letters of Intent back in the fall.  Liggins was expected to play a combo-guard role, and Miller is a wing/slasher much like Hopson.  Then, in the last month, Kevin Galloway (JUCO) verbally committed to Billy G.  The Cats bring back Derrick Jasper, Jodie Meeks, and Michael Porter as guards.  Ramon Harris and AJ Stewart, who both came into their own towards the end of the year, return as small forwards.  Patterson will obviously (hopefully he returns without a hitch) play power forward.  We should all hope and pray the “Mark Coury Starting Experience” will end, and Perry Stevenson should play center.  That seems to show a lot of depth in the backcourt, and a lack thereof in the frontcourt.  Was another wing-player, like Hopson, the answer?  No.

notagooddoubleteam.jpgKentucky needs a big man in this class.  Patterson needs help, he needs another presence so that he’s not getting double-teamed every time he catches the basketball.  Apparently, there are options out there for UK.  Kentucky Sports Radio always seems to be on the ball about UK’s latest recruits.  Yesterday, they reported Maurice Sutton could be the big man who would give some depth in the frontcourt next year.  There are also rumors that one, or more players may transfer before next season.  Little used big men Jared Carter and Mike Williams would be the most likely candidates.  Even if they were to leave, Kentucky would still need a big more than backcourt help.

This is not written in any way to discount Hopson.  He could definitely have helped Kentucky next year.  However, he is probably looking to be a one-year player (see: asking Tyler Smith to stay one more year).  Kentucky fans will lament Gillispie, for sure, when Hopson comes to Rupp next year and drops 25 points and gets 10 rebounds.  You can hear them on the call-in shows, “We got this dang Miller kid, and Hopson’s the real deal!”  That may be true, but in Lexington we hang National Championship banners, and in Knoxville they hang Sweet Sixteen banners.

[ Kentucky Sports Radio ]

6 Responses to “Hopson to UT: The Aftermath for UK”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Starting the spin cycle a bit early this year aren’t we

  2. Clo2 Says:

    Actually shouldn’t you say they hang sweet 16 and SEC Championship banners in knoxville but here in lexington WE USED to hang National Championship banners….

  3. J Says:

    A little negative ninny there clo. Everything since a moment ago is USED TO chief. Way to support the home team tool.

  4. The W Says:

    Yeah, Clo. Btw, that ‘SEC Championship banners’ should be singular.

  5. bigorangefootball1998national champions Says:

    and in knoxville we hang sec (13) AND national chapionship (6) banners and a 23 game winning streak on the wild cats in football lol and the wild cats hang nothing but a losing tradition in football lol go big orange

  6. smoothron Says:


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