Vols to play Bruins on Monday Night Football



The word leaking out of Knoxville this morning is that the Tennessee vs. UCLA game originally scheduled for Saturday September 6 will be bumped up 5 days and played on Monday night September 1.

This is the week right before NFL Monday Night Football starts up and, we imagine, will make for lowered class attendance on Tuesday September 2.

The Vols will then move their game with UAB to Sept. 13, which was originally an open date. UAB had been set as the season opening game to be played on Aug. 30.

An official announcement is expected this afternoon.

Kudos to Mike Hamilton for learning a bit from Bruce.  Anywhere anytime, just make sure to bring your national TV audience.

Are you ready for some football?!?!

UPDATE: In basketball news, Kentucky resident and McDonald’s All-American Scotty Hopson is making his visit to Knoxville this week.  He’s considering Mississippi State, Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinnati in addition to the Vols.  Video here.

FURTHER UPDATED: My sources out of Knoxville are reporting that Hopson has committed to Bruce Pearl on the condition that Tyler Smith play one more year, Tyler is said to be leaning towards returning.


8 Responses to “Vols to play Bruins on Monday Night Football”

  1. Jai Eugene Says:


    this is updated info


  2. smoothron Says:


  3. facetime Says:

    that will be a great win for the Volunteers, they have a fan in Jason Statham too.. he once commented that the ORange of the Vols makes him get all kicked up:

  4. eDayStat Says:

    It would highly surprise me if he didn’t end up there, Tyler Smith or no. The style of basketball there is exactly what a player like Scotty wants to be a part of. At least from what I know of him (which is a lot less than many people who’ve followed this recruiting).

    Is that what he needs? No telling. But good luck to him wherever he ends up. One thing’s for sure, he can’t hurt UK anymore in Rupp than Lofto did. That cat lit it up in Lexington nearly every time he played UK.

  5. Pudge Says:

    Scotty himself confirmed it today.

    Suck my scoop message boards.


  6. Pudge Says:


  7. Let’s put yesterday in the past « Get Blitzed Says:

    […] Looks like UT and UCLA may be playing in the Monday night game ESPN wanted UK and UL to play in. Other teams are jumping at this and even rearranging their schedules.  Sunday afternoon is fine, though. (APIAS) […]

  8. eDayStat Says:

    By the way, Mitch got the UL game on Sunday. In the end it all worked out pretty well.

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