Stephen Curry, Might We Know You Too Long?


steph.jpgYesterday, while drinking too much, watching baseball and live-blogging, I read some news that I found both joyous and disturbing.  Stephen Curry, Davidson sharp-shooter extraordinaire, announced his intentions to return to the Wildcats next year.  He passes up the possibility of millions of dollars and not having to carry an entire team on his back; instead he will get the opportunity to go to class every day and continue to play with guys whose names you didn’t know before the Tourney started.  Some people just love college, right?  I guess… I mean, the partying, girls, and partying were all great.  Is the lure of college co-eds going to ruin Curry’s draft chances?  The road of could-have-beens is littered with players who didn’t take an opportunity when it was there, and now you probably don’t know who the hell they are.

Curry’s stock probably has no chance of ever being higher.  He was the face of the first two weekends of the NCAA Tournament, and put on a show each game he played.  His point line for his four Tournament games: 40, 30, 33, 25.  Impressive, to say the least.  He buried big shots, and starred in second halves.  He proved he wasn’t just a long-range specialist; he put the ball on the floor, got to the rim and had one unbelievable acrobatic and-one layup against Wisconsin…

My good friend, basketball soulmate, and fabulous writer, 2ndStoryLloyd sums up Curry, “He dominates the game without dominating the basketball.”  Very true.  But, why would he pass up the NBA when he can do no wrong?  Randolph Morris was a probable lottery pick had he gone from high school straight into the pros (thanks, Nelly).  In 2005, sixty players were drafted, Morris wasn’t one of them.  Josh McRoberts, Brett Nelson (remember me?) and Keith Bogans also waited too long to capitalize on their professional dreams.  I like watching Curry play too much to not want to be able to watch him play in the NBA.  Is it possible he continues to develop, gets stronger and becomes quicker off the dribble in the next year or two at Davidson?  Yes, Curry fans everywhere hope this is the case.  Who wants to have to follow Curry’s stats in Portugal in two years? 

milfofthemonthThis isn’t all bad, especially for college basketball fans.  Curry is a transcendent player, who makes people see past brackets and favorite teams.  He is exciting and when he’s on the screen, there’s no turning away.  Hopefully, he’ll keep getting better, and keep entertaining all of us for another year or two.  Also, they don’t usually show Moms during NBA games.  CBS gave us plenty of Sonya Curry, and this cougar-hunter has a new crush.  Screw it, great decision Stephen!  More Sonya for everyone!!

6 Responses to “Stephen Curry, Might We Know You Too Long?”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    I think he has the Noah disease. Dad played basketball for so long and has enough money to float him for as long as he wants. Why not hang with some friends and college girls for another year or two. I know he wants to get to the NBA, but barring injury, I can’t see him getting any worse than he is now. Shooters like that will always find a place in the League.

  2. khandor Says:

    On account of his parents, Stephen Curry knows there is more to Life than just playing in the NBA.

    Kudos to him and his family.

  3. Will Says:

    Yeah…his job in life isn’t to entertain you, or any of the rest of us. He does what he wants to do and right now that is play college basketball and get a degree from a prestigious, elite college. Plus, why leave when you have the opportunity to break nearly every scoring and three-point shooting record in the game? But fume and fuss you will, so go ahead. I can’t wait until next year when ya’ll got really pissed off that the kid comes back to graduate. Damn them smart kids and their educations….entertain us!

  4. BobWicket Says:


  5. FeetinthePaint Says:

    I can definitely see where you’re coming from. However, what’s wrong with the kid deciding he wants to stay? We always ostracize and criticize players that treat the game too much like a business — enter Boozergate, the tale of Jerome James and other contract-year-only ballers — I’m glad Stephen Curry is staying.

    He knows that he can dominate a collegiate basketball game, that much is certain. But he also realizes that he’s not ready for the NBA game. Not that a few more years will magically turn him into an Emeka Okafor-type, NBA-ready player but even so. He’s a thrill to watch but he’s a liability defensively and he looks frailer than the Olsen twins.

  6. FeetinthePaint Says:

    Also, nothin’ wrong with college girls either. I say he stay at Davidson for a minute longer. Good post, man.

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