Awarded no points, mercy on soul, etc.


A herladed and unprecedented season came to an uncerimonious end Thursday night in Charlotte.  The scatter-brained point guard play, shitty shot selection, and questionable decision-making all around–including you Bruce–ended up costing the Volunteers perhaps their best shot at the elusive Elite 8.


Going out with a fizzle was sharp shooter Chris Lofton and former Georgia tranfer Jordan Howell (0 minutes).

I hate that no matter how much time and energy you spend in support and defense of the team your heart has chosen, they continue to let you down when it matters most and make prophets of the blue-clad pompous basketball erudites.

JaJuan, any thoughts on your effort in the last meaningful basketball game you’ll ever play?

“I got two quick fouls, which gave me three fouls. That made me play a little bit back.”

Oh right, probably a good move.  As expected, come October we’ll be hanging another Sweet 16 banner.  Hooray!

At this point only one thing is certain.

It’s football season now.  And you can all kiss my ass.

Okay, so maybe that’s two things.

3 Responses to “Awarded no points, mercy on soul, etc.”

  1. Evan Hilbert Says:

    I was surprised they rolled over the way they did. Enjoy Hopson.

    Is that Woodson after he air-mailed a wide-open Keenan Burton at the end of regulation, or when he held onto the ball four 65 seconds at the close of overtime? I guess it doesn’t matter.

  2. Thomas Beisner Says:

    I’ve definitely been called pompous before, but I think “prophet” might be a first. Thank you sir.

  3. cNicStat Says:

    TGC–I would like to bring over a peace offering now that this whole thing is over (for us).

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