2008 Oakland A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (1-1)


bigroundas.gifWell today was a little better for the A’s.  Rich Harden looked effective and the boys split the 2 game series with the Sox over in Japan.  Not a bad trip in all.  The A’s and Sox both return with 3-1 records while overseas and both have a 1-1 record in the Majors this year.  This brings me to the main point of today’s article.  The A’s are the best team in baseball.

Yes folks, it’s true.  With their win today the Oakland Athletics have the best record in baseball.  Well, technically they are tied for the best record in the league.  But we’re on a 1 game win streak and the Sox are on a 1 game losing streak, so that’s gotta put us ahead.  We also won the series score by 10-7, so we’re clearly the most dominant team in the league right now. 

For a more thorough analysis of all the things the A’s are #1 in, follow the jump.

  • Best record in baseball – As previously discussed, the A’s have the best record in baseball.  They also have the best home record in baseball and the best record for games played with pre-7AM EST start times.
  • Home run leaders – Mark Ellis, Emil Brown, and Jack Hannahan (thanks TGC!) lead the league in home runs.  There is currently a 5-way tie for that position, but who cares?  We don’t need the Bash Brothers when we’ve got 3 guys holding the league home run crown right now.  Oh yeah, these guys also are hitting home runs at a clip of one every other game.  At this pace Ellis, Brown, and Hannahan will each hit 81 dingers this year.  Impressive gentlemen.
  • Stolen base leaders – This may be the craziest stat of all.  The A’s Kurt Suzuki, their catcher, leads the league in stolen bases.  He’s currently in a 2-way tie, but this is still impressive for an A’s team that will likely steal fewer bases on the year than at least 5 individual players.
  • Strike out leader – Rich Harden returned for the A’s and announced his presence with authority with 9 K’s against the Sox.  He was limited to 6 innings due to an early-season pitch count.  Otherwise I’m confident he would have struck out another 11 in the remaining 3 innings to have an even 20 (two swinging misses on strike three are dropped by Suzuki here).
  • Six guys with an OPS > 1.000 – This year’s A’s have come out slugging.  Six guys already have an OPS > 1.000 showing that we’re both patient and have some pop (read: gap hitters).

Okay, enough with the gloating.  I think everyone’s convinced that the best team in baseball so far this season has been the Oakland A’s.  Yes, it is a bit of a surprise, but Billy Beane knows his shit folks.  These young A’s will get some wins this year and who knows what the ceiling for this team is? 

So I’m putting down the green Kool-Aid, sleeping in past 6:00 AM, and dreaming of future glories for the A’s.  Until next time, enjoy the games, enjoy some brews, and most importantly, if you can find a Bobby Kielty bobble head doll with real-life Troll hair e-mail me pronto.


One Response to “2008 Oakland A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (1-1)”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    We don’t need the Bash Brothers when we’ve got 3 guys holding the league home run crown right now.

    hahahaha.. +1

    and, can I expect a “Thanks TGC!” every time you mention Jack Hannahan this year?

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