2008 Oakland A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (0-1)


bigroundas.gifHere begins the exodus.  That’s right sports fans, this is the start of something that may be fun, exciting, grueling, and at times, down right disgusting.  What we’re working with is the 2008 A’s season blog (2008 A’s diary just sounds a little gay). 

What you fine folks will get with these entries will be commentary on the latest game, the season in general, and any other tid bits that we feel like throwing in.  Some days you’ll get a full break down of a game to come.  Others, you’ll get a live blog of a 10AM game (note: here is where the ridiculousness sets in).  Then there’ll be days when all we can do is give you a quick review of the latest game and an update on the season as a whole.  So strap in, let your pet elephant out to piss in the backyard, and click the more for the first entry in the 2008 ASB.

Well, after planning for 4 weeks to wake up at 6:30 (EST) and watch the first official game of the A’s season, things caught up to me.  I slept through an alarm to wake up for the game, ran a little later to work than I wanted, and then the game slipped from my head.  A 9:30 text from 2SL saying “You all win?” finally snapped me out of it.  From then on I checked the score every 2 minutes (not allowed to stream from work) and I watched the A’s go down in grand fashion to the Red Sox on opening day.

So where does this put us?  Well, 0-1 for starters.  Pretty scary game here as we were able to put up enough offense (4 whole runs folks!) and held off the Sox attack for 8 innings.  Bring in Street for the 9th and everything looks just like the A’s would like to draw it up all season.  Then Huston blows up.

1 game, 1 blown save, 1 loss.  That’s not what we needed for the young guy heading into the season.  It’s alright though, he’ll bounce back and he’s talented enough to shake it off.  Also on the pitching front, Blanton had a decent start.  He needs to go through 6 or 7 nearly every game to give the rotation a little rest this year, but against the Sox we can settle for nearly 6 innings and 3 runs.  Alan Embree and Keith Foulke did well in a little middle relief and set up Street for the shenanigans.

On the offensive side, Hannahan (thanks TGC!) and Crosby each had two hits.  A healthy Bobby is crucial again to this year’s team and any help our back up third baseman can give while Chavy is out is huge.  Mark Ellis also went yard while Travis Buck dropped a big 0-5 out of the lead off position.  Not a solid day for Buck at all, but he’ll wake up soon enough (crosses fingers).

Well, tomorrow is another day and we’ve got Harden hitting the hill supposedly as healthy as he’s ever been.  If he is, good luck to the Sox because the kid can be lights-out when he’s feelin’ good. 

So good luck to the A’s tomorrow trying to pull even to 0.500.  If so, they’ll lead the AL West, at least until the Angels start play next week.  Until next time, enjoy the games, enjoy some brews, and most importantly, if you find out why the Hell the A’s mascot is an elephant with a bat in its trunk balancing on a baseball, e-mail me pronto.

2 Responses to “2008 Oakland A’s Season Blog, The Exodus (0-1)”

  1. tgc Says:

    Promise you’ll do some drunk after a 10 o clock game at the winch.

  2. eDayStat Says:

    As long as I have a driver/taxi cab we’re golden.

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