Kenny George Says Everybody In The Pool


bigkg.jpgWell, it’s been a while since we’ve live-blogged this place up, so what the Hell, it’s tourney time!  What do you get to look forward to tonight?  Great in-game commentary on the play-in game, plenty of jokes about Kenny George (as they take on OSU in the NIT), and who knows what else?  That’s why you tune in here from time-to-time anyways, right?  With that said, we’ll let ‘er rip as these games start.  Not sure who will join this party as it goes, but grab a beer and a seat and fill the comments section up as you wish.  And remain calm at all times.

TGC (9:51) Damn… missed the live blog again.  That’s like 0-5 

TGC (9:48) Uhh…. is this thing on?? 

 eDay (9:43) – Wow, just WOW.  Lavin just said “Coppin State has been mounted” as MSM finishes with 69 points.  Hey, everybody wins!  Pretty good start to the tournament.  Congrats to MSM and may God have mercy on your souls as you move on to play UNC.  And that will do it for us tonight folks.  Stay tuned as Friday really kicks off the NCAA action here on APIAS.  We’ll have a whole crew live-blogging from BW’s here in town.  Come on out and join the crew if you’d like.  Until then, may all your play-in games be mountable.

eDay (9:33) – Coming down to cruch time and MSM is killing Coppin State on the offensive boards.  Have to believe they have this one locked up since they’ve shown the ability to rebound the ball and get to the free throw line throughout the game.  They’re lighting it up from the line too and a 7 point lead is going to be tough to come back on. 

eDay (9:25) – Coppin State is keeping this thing close and it looks like we’ll be watching this one go down to the wire here folks. 

eDay (9:17) – When did trash talking become the norm instead of the rule?  No one respects the games any more. 

eDay (9:11) – Good thing SmoothRon is not participating tonight.  As many times as they’ve shown Erin Andrews there would be nothing else in this live blog.  MSM is slowly, and I mean slowly, taking control of this game.   

eDay (9:03) – I swear Greg Biffle is sitting on MSM’s bench. 

eDay (9:02) – Reason #132 why you’re participating in the play-in game:  you have to play zone against Mount St. Mary’s. 

 eDay (9:00) – Why is one of the Kennedy’s sitting courtside with headphones? 

 eDay (8:56) – MSM continues to play pretty well starting the second half but this one should go down toward the buzzer.  Also, I think the Selection folks just make it all up.  There’s no formulas or anything.  They read from a card! 

eDay (8:35) – The OSU game is getting a bit out of hand, so we’ll let UNCA die a slow death and prepare for the second half of MSM and Coppin St.  WOW!  That was one of the least athletic moves I’ve ever seen from a D1 player by that white kid from MSM. 

eDay (8:20) – MSM did a good job of pulling close at the end of the half.  They look like the better team, overall, but Coppin State has some guys who can get up and play.  MSM starts hitting their easy buckets and they’ll be fine to move on.

eDay (8:18) – Just realized why all the “experts” are picking UCLA to win.  It’s a no-lose.  If they win it all you were just that smart.  If they lose you just blame it on all their “injury issues.”  Think I’ll do this with Kentucky this year. 

eDay (8:15) – Back at the NIT, Turner just threw the ball over Kenny George’s head.  Are you kidding me? 

eDay (8:07) – Coppin State’s got a couple of athletes here.  That’s a terrible T-call on the dunk.  Roy Williams is watching baseball tonight.  Should have traveled to Lexington to watch the Bat-Cats tomorrow.  Still undefeated folks.

eDay (8:06) – Now this is what this game was supposed to look like.  A couple of teams getting up and down and having fun.  Even if that isn’t their specific style, that’s what the teams in the play-in game are supposed to do to tide us over for Thursday. 

eDay (8:01) – Screw any expansion of this tournament.  They need to take one team out and get it back to 64.  Both of these teams deserved to be in the actual tournament.   

eDay (7:57) – I think Kenny Mayne just participated in the worst Sports Center commercial I’ve ever seen.  By the way, he looks more and more like Alton Brown every time I see him. 

eDay (7:54) – Hubert Davis picks the 8-9 game in the East Region has his “most intriguing” matchup.  Way to go out on a limb there Hubie. 

eDay (7:52) – Wikipedia tells me Musburger’s middle name is “Woody.”  I am not surprised. 

eDay (7:51) – You really don’t see a blocked 3 like that often.  Unless it’s 2SL smacking some kid’s shit in rec league. 

 eDay (7:48) – This game starts to warm up a bit.  Several things from Brent Musburger include saying “He’s a dandy”, which I love.  He also says “I had to have an NCAA cup tonight.” Not so sure I needed to know that.  But I bet it’s a dandy. 

eDay (7:44) – Now the OSU game bores me.  No wonder these guys aren’t in the NCAA tournament this year.  I’ve yet to see anything other than a gigantic human being that would keep my attention for more than 5 minutes.  I’m going to give this play-in game a fair chance though.   

eDay (7:38) – Back on the Deuce, George is still tall.  His man just stepped back for a 17 footer.  Good strategy. 

eDay (7:37) – This game is already boring me.  Oh, except for the overtly gay “This guy is smokin’ hot” comment there to start things off.  Good word gentlemen. 

eDay (7:32) – Couch is out the front door and now we’re switching to the Uno to watch a litter MSM and Coppin St.  The tallness of Kenny has worn off, but that was a sick block he had a second ago.  You can really get some leverage on your swats when you weigh 340 and aren’t off-balance in the air. 

eDay (7:21) – Three men just arrived to move a couch, apparently.  Kenny George is not dominating yet.  Just wait.

eDay (7:17) – And TWO! 

eDay (7:14) – UNCA’s on purpose backcourt violation to get KG into the game isn’t fooling anyone.  He can’t exactly block 3’s though. 

eDay (7:13) – And the beast is about to be loose.  Vincent James, I hate you because you just prevented the big man from coming in. 

eDay (7:10) – Are OSU and UNCA playing in the SEC tournament on Sunday?  Seriously, unless the courtside mics were left in Bristol there are only 7 people in attendance. 

 eDay (7:07) – Reference #1 of 2 million in regards to OSU being in the national tournament last year. 

eDay (7:05) – No KG in the starting lineup.  I thought that was in UNCA’s TV contract?  All KG all the time. 

 eDay (7:00) – Wow, women’s selection show is tonight.  I had no idea.  Good luck Lady Cats.


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