From The Road: Bristol 2008


100_0006_vga.jpgWell it’s been an interesting trip down to Bristol, TN/VA.  We still haven’t figured out what damned state we’re in.  We believe we’re staying in Virginia, but may be watching a race in Tennessee, Virginia, or Oklahoma tomorrow.  We’re not quite sure.

We also made our way to a pool hall/bar tonight that was in Tennessee (we think) but was right on the Virginia line.  We also saw TGC dancing in the street from the TN to VA side and back.  Hilarity ensued and good times were had by all. 

In other related news, we’ve seen the following while on this trip:

  • A man with a backwards 49ers hat brandishing a packaged hand saw at the counter at Wal-Mart.  And by brandishing, we mean shaking above his head in a threatening manner.
  • We saw one of Kasey Kahne’s cars being backed out of a haluer at the local Wal-Mart.  The guy couldn’t get the car fired up so TGC commented that he may be able to get it started if he put the oil cover back on.  The guy replied “Yeah, yeah”  Hilarity ensued.
  • People smoking in a bar/restaraunt.
  • A “house/divided” license plate in the parking lot of the Fast Lane that was half UT half UK.  Then we watched the UK vs. GA debacle with the people who owned this car.
  • Southpaw Light
  • Yuengling
  • Beam Black
  • Bud bar girls who gave us all kinds of neat widgets including a Kahne coozy and a nice Budweiser key chain bottle opener.
  • Coors Light bar girls running down the street.  One with knee high boots (odd) and one with no shoes on at all (disgusting).
  • 2 dogs and 4 cats
  • 1 extremely nice blow-up mattress and 1 moderately comfy couch.

And that will just about wrap it up for the first two nights in Bristol.  Tomorrow we go to the races and likely drive home.  A full recap of that sweet action when the time comes.  Until then, TGC wants the world to know quote: “I love midgets.”

6 Responses to “From The Road: Bristol 2008”

  1. smoothron Says:

    Knee high boots are awesome, just ask the cougar sitting next to me.

  2. Holly Says:

    NEVER been to Bristol. Hey, jealousy!

  3. BobWicket Says:

    At least you weren’t running from a tornado?

  4. Burnsy Says:

    Mmmmm, Beam Black. One half of my UCF Black and Gold shot. The other half is Goldschlager. Mmmmm, indeed.

  5. Kronenberg Says:

    Thanks, this gave me some ideas for my own dandruff treatment

  6. Messmer Says:

    Thats an awesome post. Looking forward for more like these in future.

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