SEC Tourney (Pre?)View: Quarterfinal Friday


sectourney.jpgIf you’ve ever read then you probably figured out that we have an affinity for sports in the South.  And, it just so happens that our collective favorite basketball teams both play in the SEC.  What better reason than to write a full-on SEC Tournament preview.  We’ll give a quick rundown of the Quarterfinal matchups, and then the teams the winners will face.  Hopefully, at the end, one of us will be so moved to conclude it all and we’ll give you who we think will win.

Well, that was quite an interesting day to open the SEC Tournament, the 17th best show in hoops.  Apparently, three of us had out our crystal balls (not those crystal balls, W) and predicted winners in opening round action.  Others didn’t exactly have the same prognosticating power.  My man, 2SL, comes back off of an almost five month hiatus from this site and picks Billy D and the Gators to not only beat the “struggling Tide,” but to then beat Mississipi State on Friday.  He’s probably sitting in his room pleasuring himself right now thinking about how he screwed our site over again.  I hope after he’s done beating it like he caught it breaking in, he learns some punctuation.

Quarterfinal Friday brings back great memories for me.  When I was growing up in Suburbia also known as Central Kentucky, UK normally had the #1 seed in the Eastern Division.  That meant that the Cats were playing at 1PM, which meant we got to watch basketball at school.  Too bad for some unlucky girl in my class, it also meant I would be coming to sit next to her, try and impress her with my basketball knowledge, all the while trying to figure a way to feel her up.  They don’t call me Smoothron for nothing.  Unfortunately, I’m not still in fourth grade, and the Vols now hold the coveted slot.  Will children in east Tennessee beg their teachers if they can watch the game tomorrow during school?  Probably not, they’ll more likely just ask if they can use a computer to check and see how Fat Phil and the boys are doing in spring practice.

john-pelphrey-01.jpgWe already gave you our picks to move on, but… fuck it.  Here they are again!  UT gets past the Cocks in relatively easy fashion.  It won’t quite be the 33-point drubbing it was last Sunday, but it will be comfortable enough that TGC’s workmates shouldn’t hear too many F-bombs.  EDay picked Vandy to get the upset over 2SL’s twin brother in the second game.  Seriously, ladies, if you like the way John Pelphrey looks then you would probably like our man 2SL.  It will also work out well for you if you don’t like ever being contacted after becoming Mrs. Sachmo.  My man, 2SL, picked the Gators to win two games which is just embarrassing.  I’ll take the liberty of letting you know that Jamont “#44” Gordon and the Bulldogs will win over the Tide.  They may even roll over them.  TGC went all existential on us about being a Kentucky fan, but in the end he likes the Cats to beat the Bulldogs and then face the Bulldogs.

One Response to “SEC Tourney (Pre?)View: Quarterfinal Friday”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    there will be no F-bombs dropped at work today, as I am not at work, is this not a holiday?

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