Weekend Wrapup: Go Crazy Folks!


bcg.jpgOverall, a pretty good weekend for the APIAS crew.  HUGE UK win today against the Gators.  Another ugly, scrappy game that they deserved to win.  It cemented an NCAA berth and gives the Cats some more momentum heading into the SEC tournament where their slow-down style could be dangerous.  Even with players who need to be on the floor 40 minutes a game, the slow-down style may keep the Cats’ legs in tact for a Sunday showing.  Oh, and the man pictured is the major reason for where we are right now. 

Tennessee put a beating on the Gamecocks down in Knoxville.  Just what the doctor ordered to carry the Vols into the SEC tournament.  I’m predicting an SEC East team to take the title out of Atlanta.  No big surprise there, but you never know when a Mississippi team will go on a run down South.

In circle-track racing, we got Tony Stewart cruising in 2nd for the weekend, giving Toyota the 1-2 in Atlanta.  Dale Jr. took 3rd to make it a great weekend in NASCAR for the hometown fans on the site.

A Duke loss (as SmoothRon predicted) makes everyone happy.  The boys did drink their weight in beer, although this guy didn’t participate.  The flu-bug coupled with a planned trip to Bristol next weekend shelved the drinking for the weekend.  Angels wept, I’m sure, but there’s always next weekend.

As always, feel free to comment on UK’s resurgence, UT’s dominance, or anything else to do with the weekend’s festivities.  It was a good one.


3 Responses to “Weekend Wrapup: Go Crazy Folks!”

  1. cNicStat Says:

    I appreciate BCG’s fist-pump (i.e. enthusiasm) after the big W.

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    that was one happy freakin’ jackal right there

  3. smoothron Says:

    I appreciate him not doinking my girlfriend, you know, If I had one.

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