Sam Zell scoffs at your traditions; profits



In a move sure to upset one 2SL and other baseball purists the globe over (read: me), Sam Zell, CEO of Tribune Company, which owns (and is actively selling) the Beloved Cubbies, has publicly opened the door to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field.

During an interview on CNBC, Sam Zell says despite Wrigley Field being known world-wide, he didn’t get a discount because he wasn’t going to use the naming rights that the field represents.

Zell said he plans to sell the Cubs and Wrigley separately and in his own time frame. He also disclosed that Major League Baseball has approved “four or six” potential ownership groups and that any one of them would be fine.

Personally, if it’s going to happen sometime, I hope Wrigley’s Gum ponies up the cash in the name of all that is holy in sport (and in breath tolerability).  This way we could all double our pleasure!  It’s like 69.  Everybody wins.

And honestly, Mark Cuban has got to be as bored with the NBA as I am, right?  I mean, at least with baseball you get a season that stretches over 8 months and allows you to enjoy the playoffs for several weeks… what’s that… oh right. My mistake.

 Side Note:  2SL’s well documented journey to the North Side last summer appears to have come just in time.  Hey, at least we got in while the gettin’ was good (and original).  Beware the Standing Room Only Ladies.


7 Responses to “Sam Zell scoffs at your traditions; profits”

  1. Allan Young's Incoherence Says:

    Wisdom of Cantankerous Sam Zell

    I love this guy Sam Zell – he’s just so funny and sharp. Zell is the real estate investment billionaire who sold his Equity Office Properties Trust to the Blackstone Group for $39 billion in the early part of 2007. He recently bought the Tribun…

  2. Allan Says:

    It’ll be a shame to see Wrigley Field renamed. Sam Zell is a ruthless businessman – and that’s usually a good thing. He probably doesn’t want much to do with the baseball team anyway, he bought the Tribune Company because it came cheap and he wants to turn around newspapers, as daunting a task as that may be.

  3. eDayStat Says:

    That’d be like Candlestick Park getting renamed! Oh wait…

  4. Burnsy Says:

    $39 billion? I’d be happy with $39. And both sides aren’t always guaranteed the positive in a 69. Last week I ran out of peanut butter and my dog was pissed.

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